Bangalore in 15 years

I came to Bangalore in 1998, 30 June. It has become 15 years. I stayed at my friend Sudha place. I joined Tata Infotech,Indira Nagar office. All people who joined as fresher were placed as part of NTP 38 and NTP 39 for 4 month training period. Things have changed a lot.

What was there

  1. There was Lido Theater and Plaza Theater
  2. There was Brindavan Hotel on M.G Road
  3. Bangalore was more calm. 100 Feet Road Indira Nagar was with Sylvan houses and limited transport. Residency Road was 2 way traffic.
  4. There was only 2 IT parks Electronic City and ITPL. Marthahalli used to have Factory shops and very few people visited the same.
  5. Krishna Temple on C.M.H Road was existing.  CMH from 80 feet road to 100 fee road has only houses and no shops.
  6. Five Bachelors rented a 2 bedroom house for Rs 5000 and over days, 7 people stayed and the house owner made us dosa flour and never asked why more people stay with friendly reminder to be careful of the water usage.

What was not there

  1. There were very few apartments. There were no VOLVO buses. The north Indian population was sparse.
  2. Buses and autos did not go through Domlur Inner ring road.
  3. There was no Embassy Golf Links Park. It was green all way from Domlur intersection to Koramangala and you can reach Madiwala from Indira Nagar in 10 minutes.
  4. There was no Bagamane Tech Park at C.V Raman Nagar. Those days, one can sit on the road and will not see a person coming on the road after span of 30 minutes. it used to be dead calm.
  5. There was no Outer Ring Road
  6. There was no Toll gates on the high way coming from  Krishnagiri to Bangalore.

I liked Bangalore for sure in 1998 and I am not sure whether I like Bangalore today.