My thinking around Big Data

We used No SQL data storage format to store data that was expected to grow big. and used  SQL database to store data that become part of reports  and data accessed by multiple users in the system.

Recently, a developer was asked  whether a specific data can be extracted and provided in 5 minutes. The developer shared that the data is in No SQL format and he was not aware of the need for this data and would need some time to obtain the same. The senior person in the meeting made a comments ” Things would be with a SQL query-able database? ”

The developer pointed to the fact that  domain expert was also not aware of usage of the data and its insight and impact on business. The domain expert acknowledged that he was not aware earlier and added ” I would have extracted provided data was in SQL based database”.

I responded and explained the need of  business insight and impacts to drive the implementation of  big data and when the need for business insights is shared, we can develop analytic in continuous fashion. Else there is not point to develop analysis up front of something that we do not consider to be used now or in near future. These are my tips to developers.

1. Ask Questions to understand business insight and impact.

You cannot understand the data as the data is too big and can also arrive very fast. when you  implement  data storage and processing, you would focus on technology. Rather than please wait and ask questions to identify what  does business look from big data analysis.

Effectively does the insight and impact solve business problem and help to identify new business opportunities. Hence focus on the question s ” what would you really like about your business?”

The value of data is only realized through insight. And insight is useless until it’s turned into action. To strike upon insight, you first need to know where to dig. Finding the right questions will lead you to the well.

2. Accelerate Insight : Build analytics in agile way.

Do you want to spend a lot of money and time on technology efforts in search of problems to solve? Build analytic in agile way allows you to achieve big results, little by little, by encompassing.

  • Select the tools and techniques which will best handle the data for your specific goals, time-frame and architecture.
  • Deliver business value early and often. Build your platform over time, not all up front.
  • Apply sophisticated statistical techniques to extract actionable knowledge and insights.