Explain Less

I read this article Why I’m Trying to Explain Less.  This sorts of echoes with what I have been going through and have been able to observe from last month.

I talk  a lot. I have tendency to be transparent and share why I took some decisions.  I want to take people along, hate to let people down or to end up in sorry state. I want to help them and I want to share people in great detail what else can they do. Even if they don’t care.  How does this makes other perceive me This approach was good with my technical team who are very junior in experience with me as a lot of what I shared becomes learning.

Now I am working in a business facing role where I am starter and have no experience. All people working with me have been in business facing roles for longer duration.  I  felt that they are not interested in long description of a problem, provided by me as I see their urge to move away from the context. They provide short crisp explanations and that is not sufficient for me to make decisions.

When I not able to complete something or able to commit for something, the excuse goes long. I providing the large information to justify why something could not be complete. No one is interested in explanation. They want to be aware of the fact that it is not done and  the roadblocks.  When there is a roadblock, they are  only interested to know whether they can perform any  specific action items  to clear the roadblock. Their interest in roadblock stops there and they are interested when the thing will get completed.

I do a lot of research and share articles and web links that I felt would be useful to them. I get responses, their number is very less compared to number of people who I have shared the same.  Are they finding the same confusing and  boring to try to sift through it.? Should I just share on Facebook or twitter and allow others to find themselves? I do the same for some of information I find and want to share.

I have this urge to be democratic and transparent in my communication and I include everything that I knew. I am able to observe that my audience is not getting the clear picture of what was relevant to them and message that need to take away. When I have to answer few questions, I am telling everything I knew that was related to the question. It is time that I change my communication customized for people.

Let me aware of the fact ” I love to explain and give facts, and to justify and defend.” If I am late to a meeting or an appointment, I have to stop with “sorry” and have my tongue tied to share unnecessary and boring explanations. Let me resolve to share only what people need and want to know and not to provide information just because I want to share either to justify or I have urge to share.