Skill Gap Finder in Accounting and Finance – ArthaKaushalya

Commerce is taught in higher secondary school. The syllabus was similar to the one you have happily followed for the last 12 to 14 years in school and the syllabus had been prescribed by Government or Recognized Body. Based on school marks or entrance exam, you join college and spend 3 or 4 years in college. Only few of us are clear what we want to perform after the college. Most of them are in dream that they should get a good job and benefits to support their beloved ones. There is lot of uncertainty and eagerness(pressure) to get on to the first job that will earn respect and fortune and help us settle in life. We start to attend interviews.

Here we get the first jolt in life. No one seems to want to hire you, You had scored good marks in your college and university exams. You can think and crib about many reasons. If you look at yourself logically,the hiring company feels that you and your skills are not sufficient to their job requirements and do not make an offer. This is frustrating situation. No one explains you what on earth is happening and why you are not getting a job?.

You are irritated what you studied for the last 15 years and is all of the efforts going to go waste. Every job seeker wants a job. All of them do not know what it actually takes to get a job and do not know what is preparation need to reach position where it is easy to get jobs. Is there something more need than a mere degree and college learning? Who will show us what is needed to reach job? How to trust them that they will not dupe the student?.

Every student wants to know the following

  • What is  their standing in a professional environment
  • How to  improve the standing?
  • What are the strengths and what do you lack?
  • How much aware or what is level of insights you have on the job role requirement?
  • Have you developed  your critical thinking and communication skills.

Every student needs this  first push and direction to get himself geared to participate in job opportunities.  if you are a commerce student, please take the assessment ArthaKaushalya – Finance & Accounting Skills Assessment. The assessment would evaluate the student on academic knowledge, analytical skills, software awareness and domain exposure required to be effective as an accountant in today’s corporate environment.

ArthaVidhya trains college students and job seekers on domain requirement to function as accountant. They are made to practise 56 accounting process in virtual simulated accountant environment. Every student is made to complete at-least 400 transactions and this is equivalent to 6 months effort in real job and the student is exposed to all the basic areas of accounting in corporate environment, including NEFT and RTGS transfers, calculation and making actual statutory payment