Plan your mobile test approach

Identify type of devices for testing

  • Developer Devices(must work): used by  development team confirms working of the application .They focus on unit testing and sanity and their  testing is critical. We should add one new device every quarter to this set of test devices.
  • Major Devices : used by QA team confirms working of mobile application. They focus on regression, interoperability and performance and their testing is critical. We should add two devices every quarter to this set of test devices
  • Market Devices(popular) : used by production support team confirm working. They focus on porting and compatibility and their testing is driven by product manager and customer feedbacks. We should add 10 new devices every quarter.

Plan what needs to covered by testing in full : You can’t automate all of your functional testing and interoperability testing. For example user experience, such as “look & feel”, that can only be verified manually. Also think of new end-user engagements(air watch, eye scroll and other sophisticated mobile gestures are introduced). Hence test definition needs to involve  business or product owner to identify features to be tested manually and the ones using automation .

Plan whether network variations and device variations have to be handled specially. : Network quality and technology vary between carriers, states, countries, regions and even areas (especially in populated areas). If your application is sensitive to network latency or quick response time, spend time on proper planning of network related testing. Depending on the device and OS, mobile applications may behave differently, depending on bandwidth. Latency and packet loss leads to degrade application performance. Please see to that server side degradation does not affect your mobile application.

Plan with your product manager to test the key business features : There are some features of mobile app that users care about the most and your product manager would know some realistic scenarios.You need to see how these features work in no interruption environment and in sudden interruption environment.(incoming calls, messages). Also identify how inconsistent bandwidth and packet loss.

Plan for continuous testing,  Today world mobile features change, application store discovery behaviour changes and new cool features get introduced. So we nee