What is teacher’s role to deliver vocational education?

We do not have educators on leadership team. We consciously have educators as part of academic council and I interact and take their inputs seriously. I checked around with others skill providers and we are good to have thought of academic council with eminent academician.  The public-private collaboration based skill development agency does not have educator represented in leadership team and is  filled with industry people.

Exploring in education for more than 2 years,  The teacher has a major influential role to help  student and parent to enable a purchase decision. Are we  aware that  academicians are out of skill development initiative scope and any specific reasons ?  Are suitable good academicians not available? Is the industry closed and selfish that they are not ready to engage with teacher? Is the industry not ready to take contribution of academician ?

On daily operations  the skill provider is challenged to deliver in  remote location.  Some of guest faculty are not interested to travel and have other priorities . They help to arrive at “Train the Trainer ” program to train a set of fresh graduates by industry experts. Some of these graduates become facilitators for student interaction over chat or email or phone call. Do facilitators have real work exposure to answer questions?  The answer of the industry is “Provide on-line course with videos, student would learn on-line”.

Do we forget to include teacher in solution?  

  • The industry expert is not available round clock. Should business depend more on him on continuous basis?
  • May be the industry feels that college teachers are old school and there is no value explaining to teacher. They impress management and the management asks teachers to recommend student to join course. Why will teacher recommend the course that he has no knowledge?
  • The teacher observes a parallel system where corporates are doing separate teaching and no one has explained  what they are teaching and how  is it better one?. The teacher is put under pressure  to ask students to  join the skill program, Do the teachers recommend without clarity?
  • Will current approach solve academic deficit over time? Are you developing mistrust teachers? Why is teacher self-esteem damaged? What is plan to take  take vocational learning main stream?
  • Can we evaluate teacher and student associated for a long term in separate manner?  Both of them need to be evaluated and their results, based on interactions, cannot be accurately measured.

Why will teachers get to a strong opinion “Creativity, appreciation, inquisitiveness‎ are purpose of education and these cannot be scale. We teach to free minds, we teach to inspire, we teach to equip careers that come naturally. We do not want to prepare workers”. This does not help skill providers.