“Voice of the Graduate” – McKinsey Report

Thanks to Forbes article that enabled me to read this report. Today, most students and parents have bought into the propaganda that a college degree is necessary to live a successful life or acquires  a good job. In addition, there is a strong belief that  your career prospects are highly variable depending on where you go and what you studied on the one hand, and what you do to prepare yourself on the other hand.

The bog  Education By Degrees reminds me that “Higher education was once a luxury item for Americans. Families who had the means and/or men, who didn’t need to support their families of origin, went to college. There were no entrance exams or even much to speak of in the way of requirements. If you could find your way there, and were of the ‘right’ background, you could give it a go. ”

Now let us look at some of the insights from the McKinsey report based on survey

  1. Half of graduates from four-year colleges are working in jobs that don’t require a four-year degree.
  2. Graduates don’t feel that college prepared them well for the world of work.
  3. Students who worked part-time, did intern-ships or employee mentor-ships felt prepared for work, compared with students who lacked such experience.
  4. Graduates are of opinion they would choose a different major or school if they could do their education over  and there they would study something else given the chance.
  5. Graduates from the nation’s top 100 colleges could not find jobs in their chosen field.
  6. Graduates working in retail and hospitality are there because it was the only work they could find

Now some questions to think while meeting colleges and students.

  • This was scenario in USA. As Indian we bring from USA and what is the current scenario in India ?
  • Was a similar survey done in India?  It would be nice to get a copy of the same.
  • Where is the need for solutions like MOOC(Massive open on-line course) if the challenge is that jobs do not need degrees?

Getting a different perspective. If job execution does not really need most  other skills, is that only reasons why companies want students trained in  “soft skills” like how to work effectively in teams, under pressure and with clients and customers? It is a coincidence that a day after I posted the blog arrives Hindu article “Where’s my job?” and “VTU launches programme to empower alumni