Some interesting education initiatives and startups

  • For students who are Post 16 and challenged by illness or a medical condition, the Nisai Virtual Academy can be the answer to supporting the dream for progression. brief
  • You do not need school text book or college text book of a specific standard or specific semester after you are promoted or move on to the next standard or semester. Should you buy or rent e-textbooks?Go paperless with e-Textbooks from CourseSmart and move light years beyond traditional print textbooks and solve challenges in higher education: improving retention, controlling costs, and improving learning outcomes. I liked their instructor support. Instructors want to review text books and have difficulty to get text books. Course smart for instructors gives instructors access to e-Textbooks and free digital exam copies from close to 90% of core higher education titles from publishers like Pearson, Cengage, McGraw–Hill Education, Macmillian, John Wiley & Sons.brief
  • Courseload  helps student handle  a costly textbook model through the  institutional leaders to drive down costs and also improve the quality of education. brief
  • SeriousGameGroup develop and research computer games-based education and training solutions. Our activities involve people who understand what makes compelling content and can ensure effective knowledge transfer through game-play.It takes significant time to develop a game such as this. brief
  • New Jersey Center for Teaching & Learning
  • SmarterMeasure provides on-line student advising, tutoring and self-assessment system that is equivalent to face-to-face advising has made a significant difference in the completion and retention rates.
  • Do you know which students need help? Starfish allows instructors, advisors, and other members of a student’s support network to manually raise flags based on observed behaviours at any-time in the academic term. Early alert is an intervention tool used to assist at-risk students and prevent withdrawals, drops, and course failures.
  • Smarthinking offer live on-line tutoring facility. Using an advanced queuing system providing little or no wait time, students are connected on-demand with an expert educator.
  • Explore a new approach to on-line teaching. Here  in the one to one  private lessons, the teachers have ability to tailor each lesson to the needs of each individual student.The teacher has the ability to adapt their feedback, the sequence of content, and the content itself based on the learning needs of the student. SmartSparrow wants to deliver one-on-one learning experiences at scale and gives teachers insight into their students’ learning paths/levels – what they’re learning and how, what’s not working and why. brief