The nuances of content in product marketing

I am working to prepare a collateral and this is a lot of fun. It is challenge come with the right messages and happy that am ready to think of the end user.   This process seems to need scope management, version management and  even  project management.

Content marketing engages potential buyers in a “conversation” to meet their needs prior to your buyers  actually talk to your organization and helps them to more likely to buy from you.  Content marketing requires marketing content. Content marketing needs a lot of work with a lot of moving pieces and this is happening  under great pressure to do more and to do it more quickly across multiple fronts.

I have  reams of marketing content. I see that I have not organized your assets to make them easy to find, easy to update, leading to the challenge to confirm  working  with the most current content. I see the need and  importance to streamline review and approval processes and also nail down the approach to distribute marketing content quickly and efficiently. I need to get the following right.

  • Brand assets and collateral are scattered everywhere. This is hard and need to collect all your marketing assets and put them in a single repository. Categorize global library for collateral, logos, sales tools, competitive intelligence—everything marketing.
  • Organize them to reflect the way you work. Go beyond shallow, fixed folder conventions. Build folder structures for teams, such as PR and marketing communications, projects, such as product launches and lead gen, and business processes, such as partner on boarding.
  • Marketing is a team sport. You need to collaborate with people throughout the organization and with contractors, agencies, and other service providers. The ability of these individuals to participate in content marketing at the right time is critical.
  • There is a lot of time spend every day to chase content as we push it through creation and approval cycle. Email is not most effective tool for this job. We need to automate reviews, approvals and more.
  • We need to have access to content anywhere, at any time and from any device. It would be nice to have a way to work on the content also and make it closer to the customer you are meeting. We need to eliminate the “is this the right version?” question that a big challenge to content marketing.
  • Don’t leave the selection of marketing content to chance or convenience. Creating content is 49% of the equation. Fast and targeted distribution is the rest.
  •  You share content with customers and partners using secure public folders and public links that include expiration dates. When the entire team is collaborating smoothly, you can meet any deadline. Talk about saving your sanity.

Let me complete with two main insights. Email is NOT collaboration and my job doesn’t stop when the content is created