Great Insights from a friend today

Thanks to a friend for sharing these amazing insights today morning.

  • Time is most previous and more precious than money. Make sure to find and keep away from things where time spend does not result in that you do not value. Time is the one that you share with others, your work place, your team, your family. You need to be disciplined about the time you spend.
  • Business in areas of health care and education needs more time(say y) to make X amount money. The same time invested in other areas will provide more money than X.  If education is passion, it is worth being there. If money is focus, then is it worth being in education space?. One needs to self observe and reflect whether the passion continues to be alive after many number of years.
  • Focus one thing at a time. Earlier it was top three things. We all have different interests. the new generations are moving to one main thing. Do you know what is that one main thing? Are you aware that this one main thing keeps changing? Are you tracking the same?
  • Social networking (blogging, Facebook, LinkedIn) needs time. why do you spend that much amount of time? Is it worth your  time?  What is one thing you look from  social networking? Are you measuring and tracking  the time spend and engagement on the blog similar to Why I published a personal social network app ? if engagement is less, did you spend time to figure out why?  It still serves purpose of diary to look back later.

Thanks  from my heart  goes to this person for sharing this framework. Applying in few areas of myself is already showing its positive result.