What is role of corporate in Skill gap?

To explain skill gap, we describe the gap between college education and corporate requirement. We are sending a message that the skill gap needs to be fixed at college level. If colleges only are responsible to perform fixes, then why are organizations like NSDC being set-up.

People in corporate describe that campus offerings are tuned to academia under a predefined syllabus prescribed by universities, the students are not prepared and do not have required soft skills, analytical thinking and reasoning and hence are not job ready. Can college be alone responsible for skill gap?

The corporate takes students passing out of IIT and premier college. From a college, only a small number of students qualify and corporate does not select a large number of students . These means that premier college students also have skill gap and the corporate does not consider the skill gap  in these premier college students as concern; One reason is that college alumni of premier college works  in corporate and studying in the college makes student privileged to get advantage of corporate not placing much importance to the  skill gap in the premier college students.   May be we cannot put the responsibility on the college alone for skill gap in students.

Let look at other perception. College authorities explain that students do not provide the right required  attention to studies and understand their lessons. Students are not serious to learn and also not attend college hour.  Is student responsible for skill gap alone?

Let us consider a student whose father is management executive or senior executive. Without being aware, the student is privileged to observe your father action at your home than your class mate whose father is a clerk.    Your father has professional qualification and that leads to fact that  you are privileged to have more opportunities to become proficient in English than person whose father has done education in native language. There is a person like hero in your neighbourhood based on his achievements and  you are privileged to look at the hero and get inspired and motivated, than your college buddy who has no hero in his home environment.

If your city college gets visits by foreign dignitaries and executives from industry, then you are privileged to get global exposure and awareness. Being city student, you are privileged  to attend industry events, trade fairs and conferences and enhance your soft skills  than rural students.  May be we cannot put the responsibility on the student alone for skill gap in students.

We see that students are privileged or less-privileged. What determine the privilege of all students? Can they earn privilege though hard-work and focus and determination of student alone? May they can earn that for their children. I see that the privilege of the student has the origin in the social  environment of the student, where he was born and where he grows and what privileges their parents have earned.  indirectly one can see that the parents economic background controls the student environment and the parent economic background is 100% influenced by parental income provided as salary by the corporate or  government, the largest corporate. 

Post the student being  influenced by learning available in his environment and developing constraints without any intention, student finds its difficult to  become aware and change. This is equivalent to the process of enabling the student to unlearn and relearn during the end of college or job joining time.  The process of unlearning is  tricky for corporate people and it is natural that the student takes time to bridge the gap.

I strongly feel that corporates  need to take larger responsibility to fix skill gap crisis from its origin and look beyond just quick employee sourcing.. they also need to realize and identify what they can perform to fill the gaps for physically challenged persons (speech, vision, hearing, mutated). I realize that I do not know how to fill gaps for mentally challenged persons.