“The ultimate gift” play at Vydehi School Annual Fair

I no more take  photos in my camera and have passed on camera to my wife and daughter. I also encourage my wife to enjoy the event first and then focus on the camera next. At annual fair, we find that we have not brought the camera. Both my girls participated in event. Mrinalini was a fairy in the event and surprisingly Mridula played a role  that made me want to snap a photo. She made me proud to make not realize that  Nokia lumina has camera. I decided to keep her role in my memory and hence this blog..

The book “The ultimate gift” was written by Jim Stovall and I have not read the book earlier.  My daughter school, Vydehi school took this book as reference and had come with all their annual functions under theme play of “The ultimate gift” yesterday. They introduced Red Stevenson and his son Jason, who did not know the values of life. There is also their lawyer Hamilton who introduces the assignment to Jason and provide little or no money.

  • Jason goes to Brazil . Different class children staged a Brazil dance working in tea plants. Jason works in tea plants to learn  the Gift of Work and gets a sense of satisfaction by earning a salary from working hard.
  • Jason goes to  Africa. Different class children staged a African dance with children in orphan. Here Jason works with children to make them happier and spends all the salary earned earlier to learn the Gift of Giving . Mridula played a role here. If you  want to know what it is, call me.
  • Jason goes to Japan. Different class children staged a Japanese dance with cheerful people of assumed to be a devastated  place.  Here he learns  the art of  “Never Give up” dreams and the urge to grow and find ways to make dreams happen.
  • Jason goes to India. Different class children staged a Indian dance that represents unity in diversity. Here Jason lives with a family and  learns the importance of family and affection.

They have created whole event to give a perception of single play. They exceeded in what they were trying to perform in my eyes. The  elder-kids were taking care of the younger ones on the stage. expectation.  I could sense the amount of  team work and hard work put by the  teachers and students and the power of leadership of the Principal.