Is social media one-sided?

In today’s social networking, I  share in front of mixed audience of family, friends, and acquaintances. There are messages that I am not comfortable to share with all of them. I have learnt the option to share selectively and this is not easy when the network size in creasing. Hence we share what we feel very proud and to get ego booster.  Each human being should be supported by technology to express/share/with friends both positive and negative things.  Sharing only positive and not negative have challenges to the behaviour style of the person.

when we fail to share things that we are not proud of, we justify ourself that Facebook does not have Dislike button.  Youngsters are less aware that Facebook has no means to share about one’s sorrow and sadness. Where is the  equivalent to  cry on friend’s shoulders where we need privacy and trust? I am not able to accept the usage of  Like Button on the message that reports the expiry of loved ones or loss of mobile.  We are limited to share what  one is not proud of using social media and continue to make use of phone calls, meetings.

  • Share my opinion with only a limited number of friends.
  • Way to express feelings that cannot be shared with Like. Why not things like Fear?
  • Have a list of friends to whom I can share what I am not proud of myself.

Already we find the practise where business hire third party vendors to boost the  FaceBook Likes without having real users for money.   A person who makes purchases or business decisions  based on Facebook Likes  Count is a  potential pawn in the hands of a rogue business.  Recommendations on LinkedIn can appear of the user profile based on user discretion. The user can delete bad recommendation. Can the LinkedIn endorsement   be influenced by third party vendors?

Business are interested to take feedback from the customer and there is opinion that customer is always right.  Today there are mechanisms to rate the application or article by the customer or reader with ratings from 1 to 5.  Customers always cannot be expected to give the right ratings and we need to be able to identify instances where the customer are not always right. Some of this might be because of wrong understanding of the product by customer and customer exhibits strange behaviours. Some times, customers can be pleasant people or people who cannot be pleased.

Today business and mobile apps have provision for the end user to rate the application and gets tied with the reputation the business to earn as seller, it is time that we need to track the customer reputation? Has customer used the product for a few days? Has customer leveraged a good percentage of the features to make his feedback relevant? Is there a way to explore how the  reputation stands with the other products used by the customer?   Business can decide based on their past reputation whether to make a specific customer eligible for discounts and special benefits on relevant products.

  •  Get the knowledge about the customer, right when the customer service begins?
  •  If multiple customers arrive at service desk at same time, who is the customer to be serviced first

How to measure relevance of the message? Is the message reliable or  true? Is the message relevant to me?  in the area of my interest? Every friend has  updates that are relevant to me and updates not relevant to me. I lose relevant message in the river flow of message that are not relevant to me. Let us also acknowledge that post the first connection acceptance, no message exchange happens between users connected on social networking site except receiving irrelevant  updates.

  • Have you collaborated or connected with each person connected in your professional network and explored some opportunity to work together.
  • If no opportunity was explored with the connected person, should the networking site help you with reminders and  to mark the connection dropped?
  • Can you connect with a person and  continue to get their notification updates and the same time block the person from receiving  your  updates.

I prefer a social networking  where fake connections have little value and  tangible benefit is more  collaboration between people.