Does video quality impact user engagement on website?

I seem to watch more videos on internet compared to 2 years earlier.  I want to create video and these questions arised. How does creator track his video? How to help creator understand the viewer behaviour?    How does enterprise track videos? Which section of the video was cool and which was dumb?   What are the metrics to track the effectiveness of video solution for the business enterprise? A better metric has the potential to drive more video creation.

I see people have packed videos in tablet. One tracks whether student has viewed video or not. Is it possible to verify whether the student has seen each second of the video? Extend the problem to on-line, how is video being  tracked when video is available on-line and streamed?

Today I see sites like YouTube with  features per video similar to likes, dislikes, favourites and so on. This is more close to text content. Are we able to get granular information about the video like tracking each view for each second of the video. This would really generate a large data and demand smart ways to come with insights from the data.

What is alternative to YouTube? When you look at a site like connected with A.R. Rehman, the back-end is YouTube. Some of us publish in vimeo. Should Indian make use of foreign video hosting sites only?

To handle network outage and provide a consistent high-quality streaming experience for enterprise viewers and ensure availability of  videos  without failure, CDN technology has arrived. Today anyone created a video,upload videos to CDN and video is assessed from CDN over internet? What are the other ways other than YouTube and vimeo available and widely used?
As business owner, I am interested to know how the video scored with my visitor experience.? How did the video experience influence engagement with other content in my website? It is important to know exactly how well the videos are giving your audience what they want.

  • How long the video take to start-up?
  • Was the stream available on continuous basis till the end of the video?
  • Did  rebuff-erring occurred causing interruptions while viewing video?
  • Did the same user viewed the video multiple times? Did he finish watching the complete video?

How to track user with respect to video viewing?  Tracking need to happen at client and tracked information is stored in server. Client side tracing needs something like a browser plugin that gets embedded to media player of the  browser and send the usability data to server. Need to find whether such a solution exist? In addition, I am interested to learn how business enterprises manage all about videos.