Can cloud and franchise learning model co-exist?

Are the educational providers getting ROI? How do they handle both emerging cloud model and existing franchise model? Should they need to choose one over another or can both exist

Let us consider an India education provider and they have franchises in different places for years till today.  The franchise learning center have role to play in small towns and also helps education provider to outreach to students in distant cities.  A large number of students preparing for competitive exams lack internet connection and computer at home, a constraint for student’s to join on-line courses. The increase in printing and postal charges results to higher course fees.

Both education provider and franchise learning center need to jointly come with approach to optimize the cost of learning for the student and the cost of internet charges at the franchise learning center. They want to provide high value to the student and want to enable students to collaborate with remote faculty and equip students to benchmark themselves against the world.Today, the  franchise centre  comes with internet connection and local intranet network and the PC for the student’s use.

When we look at creation of content like videos and audios that consume high bandwidth, we learn that education provider rarely modifies existing video after start of the course or add new videos on continuous basis and major portion of video/audio creation is more staggered. Why every student of franchise center needs to download video incurring cost? What are the ways to amortize the cost?

May be educational providers explore the model.

  • All videos are shipped ahead of time as initial time and maintained as local repository at franchise center and the local repository is synced to download new content and content updates. The videos are downloaded at max once.
  • Content in local repository should not be stolen and protected for its business value. May be content can be hosted in local repository in server that has file system with all content encrypted.
  • The student engagement activities between teacher and learner like chat, discussion forum, surprise tests should be supported for continuous monitoring and evaluation and also to track learner performance attention span. Collaboration continues on-line.
  • For better monitoring of franchise and student tracking, the student registration can happen first at central server and on registration complete, the student data is synced to local repository.

The student  authenticates to access heavy content locally and and collaboration continues on-line. This might be a variant of the organization set-up of Prometric test center network.