Can common man handle data privacy issues?

Analytics done by business can be necessary to provide better value to the customer. Problem is with the intent of  business to collect different data about me, the customer.   I am happy when they use the data about me to  server me better, report complaint on-line and propose a time for the support to call and the support staff  full understand the problem and initiate call with me at stipulated time.  Will they use my data to exploit me by trying to blame for their mistake or make get a new behaviour or liking towards product and spend more?

Our non-profit campaign had made me realize that people shop products due to marketing and on the instinct and never used the product and give away the product for charity, some time the package is not even opened. Will the government start using the business data to track my activities?

In the last few months, I have started to purchase books from book portal. When I visit books shops, browse books and find one to purchase, I check for the price in book portal and end up coming home and ordering the book.  I have no urgency to purchase the book and being in start-up mode saving money is important and have moved across to on-line purchase mode. Kids continue to choose and buy their books in the shop.

With kids growing  and less place at home for my books, I am contemplating in my mind when I should purchase Kindle? Let me keep intent to move on-line aside and look what happens to the already collected data bout me and put in the database. Do I have any effective controls over how it is used or secured? Already I observed the marketing emails about special campaigns and books have become my default search option and similar books are recommended.  The e-commerce portal is learning more about me and would continue to learn and use the same to expand its business.

Most successful corporations find it difficult to  protect their customers’ information from security breaches and something needed to be done to protect them. Your medical data can be sold to marketers without knowledge or consent of the people it belonged to. Your tablets and mobiles come with lot of encryption capabilities switched off by default too

Some people make statements like ” if you’re not paying for it, you’re the product” and  “I am okay to share data as long as I get something back.”. We are trying to adopt the thought ” As  long as I get ROI in the form of relevant content, or customised goods or services, I am not bothered”. 

Most of the customer are not clear how all this big data will be used in the near or long-term future. The rate at which personal data is collected is accelerating from our on-line activities for much different purposes. There are black operators matching disparate data sets across the web to help identify people who might be suitable targets for a scam.  Are we volunteering  to share our personal data on-line simply as the price we pay for free services,  without understanding the future consequences and without debate over the implications?

Who is going to take care of protecting people from their own ignorance when it comes to privacy and security? Who will educate the common man arrive at a  price for his personal data or privacy information? Check the articles How Much Surveillance Can Democracy Withstand? and to learn more about privacy.