Can Big Data lead to customer-centric practises?

Let look at approach of operation of bank or mobile operator today to resolve issues faced by customers.

If you’re at an ATM and it is out of money, it would be nice if the bank will know that and issue some sort of apology by SMS or the next time you meet the banker. Better if the bank identifies that ATM is out of money and pro-actively refill cash.

Well, you are talking to a friend on your mobile. The call drops in-between and this happens at a specific location while travelling to your home. Can your carrier track this and make sure that the tower coverage in that location is made better? Better the next time your carrier drops a call, the carrier applies an immediate credit to your bill.

Today companies look at incoming data of all types, analyze it, and then tweak their applications or user experiences according to what the data tells them; This creates a good fast-response development for customer challenges. This is a good start point towards being customer-centric.

Today enterprises make use of social media to enable customers to interact easier, better, faster and more-often with organization’s and enable the organization’s to know more about their customers. For me a truly customer-centric organizations will be one that would identify the customer had issue and make the process to resolve the same simpler.

I also see that the call centers handling customers lack capability of combining and analysing all data created during interactions(email, phone, physical, social network and chat) with a customer and to link it with other data within your organization. if the phone call drops during customer call to call center,the customer is put the onus of responsibility to identify and repeat all the information to new call center representative and this is frustrating.

As customer, my expectations to start with are

  • Receive a seamless integration across the entire value chain.
  • Organizations have no excuse any-more to put the customer at the centre of all decisions and the organization should be able to connect relevant details in every medium where they connect with that customer 1:1.

Such a customer-centric organization should build an operating model around a deep understanding of its customers, what they value, and the contribution, or the customer life-time-value, that each customer makes to the profitability of the organization.