Are Bangalore Tech Parks visitor friendly? Part 2

This is continuation of the article Are Bangalore Tech Parks visitor friendly? .

I started thinking what is the state of employees and contract employees coming there. Lot of companies place their staff in their client locations. These staff placed in client location have two ID cards one of their own company and one for their client. The client ID card will allow them access to their workplace office building

  • What would happen if the contractors forget the client ID card?
  • How much time will they lose standing in queue to enter TechPark?
  • Why double security? There is time spend at office reception security.
  • What is the time spend to walk from BMTC stop to actual building?
  • How much IT Tech Parks are disabled friendly?
  • How much “world class infrastructure” is closer to the experience in our buildings?

I am not saying no to security and I am asking IT companies to take more interest on their visitors and work to make things better for IT Tech Parks.

  • When a person comes with pre-scheduled appointment, company staff enters the information in system that would  send SMS message to the visitor. when the mobile is shown to visitor, the number in the message can be put to a cloud service that would validate the visitor and the visitor is allowed inside.
  • When a contractor comes on regular basis, there should be a cloud based solution that would enable single ID card  to be used to allow access to both company campuses. It might involve collaboration across vendors and if IT companies cannot integrate who else would do the job of integration?
  • Even more better thinking, can we eliminate physical ID card for employees and  provide digital ID card to be saved in mobile and can enable access.

Still there may be chances of person not carrying a mobile or new chances. Should IT companies start innovation right at their front offices? I hear media companies talking about the video surveillance in schools and other places. I would also look forward for the media to look in to whether practices of IT companies are visitor friendly and pedestrian friendly?  disabled friendly?