Do you have a daughter? Watch Drishyam movie

I have watched Malayalam movie Drishyam. Brilliant and Original and a landmark movie.  Thanks to Sriram for making me watch the movie( his second).Instead of providing plot description, the blog  focus on the strong message provided by the movie for both type of parents and society in general.

I recommend that parents watch this movies along with their children more if they have daughters.  Though it  is Malayalam movie, the full movie comes with English subtitles to enable you to understand the language. As the movie and viewer  drives towards the George Kutty family win over the police, it might not be possible to mandate that schools need to make children watch the movie similar to  Modi address to students.

  • Children are aware to  the positive usage of technology in their life including mobile. Neither the children nor the parents are much aware of the negative approaches or methods in which technology can be misused.
  • Children want others to respect their privacy and enjoy their freedom. The privacy or private moments might help students to think about their self goals and aspirations.  Very few students or even adults are self-driven. Granted privacy to children might lead to children to perform negative things.
  • Parents want their children rights and freedom to taken care by school.  When police or government official comes to school, the school authority might allows external agencies like police to question or interact with your children. Do not expect that school authority would call parent before allowing the police to interact with the child.
  • Children want to enjoy a care-free style of living with freedom and independence. Other students or adults can leverage their care-free style to find some weak moments or embarrassing moments that can be exploited against us.  “If you are good, do not expect others to be good to you.”
  • If you are parents of only sons and have no daughters, the movie has a message that you need to take care of your son well.
  • One should delay making judgement on other persons in society and in family. Fathers generally are judged to assign more priority to profession more than to  personal life. They make sure that family is safe and continue with their profession with that assumption of safety. On being aware that the family is exploited, fathers assign 100% priority to lead  family back to safety zone of freedom and independence.

If you are a professional, analysts interested in Big Data or analytics or leader/manager want to learn leadership skills.

  • This is a good scenario to explain Situation Leadership. What would you perform when you find yourself in a scenario similar to movie hero.  Would you be logical in a weaken state of emotion? To validate your answers, put yourself through a question similar to ” What would you do if this happened to you or to your daughter?”.
  • Data points can be developed by an uneducated person to prove his innocence or data points can be prepared to blame person of committing a mistake. When you see data points and graphical representation, remember that  “Visuals can be deceiving. Do not believe what you see!!” 

I end the blog with a wish that no girl or boy or mother or father ends up in  a scenario similar to characters of the movie. To know of the innovative aspects of the movie, please read  article  5 Reasons Why you should watch DRISHYAM , ‘Drishyam’, or Women’s Rights in Indian Pop Culture , Do not believe what you see.