Kid Safety 1: CCTV,Background checks.

In year 2014, We already have heard more than 3 instances of  harassment to girl children reported in Bangalore. This has been in a Marathahalli school, followed by a pre-school on Sarjapur Road, and now at Jalahalli school.   It is interesting to see these untoward incidents happen more in today’s upmarket locality of Bangalore with  IT professionals as major residents. The children of affected school  have tried to propose some guidelines and see that is good step of responsibility taken by parents.

I see this article 40 points Vibgyor parents want the school to address   earlier.  While it is a good initiative and has some good points to explore, I am not clear of the whether these parents are connected with reality and seem that government wants to wash of its pilict role by recommending some of them Private schools should follow school safety guidelines and protect kids: Govt

For me, the article  Will a password between you and your kid ensure safety?  made more practical sense and would add little more on the same.

Corporates use video surveillance approach to identify thefts and mal-practices that happen in their premises. Most of the time one or two staff keep viewing the video streams and they are not experts in this area.  It serves as a good post-mortem analysis as part of  root cause analysis to any problem and  help administrators to understand incident details like the time when incident happens and area where incident happens leading to come with steps to prevent similar incidents to happen in future.  It is prevention mechanism and not a protection. What is this prevention mechanism for the child who has been effected?

Corporates use Background verification to verify details of person joining organization across past employers, education qualifications, personal preferences, criminal record and drug test records.  The background verification is  audit check and not a ‘ police investigation’. The audit verifies that the credentials claimed by candidate are really true in the real world.    We already hear a few instance of  IT employee of a large company was criminal and the back ground checks has been completed and did not identify and report this criminal background.

Coming to school, the school might not report untoward incident that involves their staff to police station and not gain negative publicity and bad marketing.  They would quietly send away the problematic staff who would join another school. Then the new school background check will not identify this.  If  school staff decides to perform bad incident and stops video surveillance  by switch off of Power main  in the crime duration, CCTV loses its value. Some would suggest use of background generator to power the video surveillance.   Let us remind that  huge expense  for the school towards background video surveillance  lead to complete safety and leads to increase in your child school fees.