Kid Safety -2 : School and Parents

This is continuation of article “Kid Safety 1: CCTV,Background checks.“.  Read article Is a school responsible when child abuse takes place on its premises?  and continue blog.

Observing concept of outsourced school staff, external to school external staff for co-curricular activities and prevalent in higher classes. In these scenarios, the regular teachers have left school for home and the children are in school premises for extra classes. Who is responsible for safety of children during extra class? School? External agency? Staff of the external agency? Should parents not demand schools to publish the external contract agreements entered by school in terms of children education and children safety? Some would be marked as no risks and some would be marked as “Risk” by school and parents need to take conscious decision whether child needs to be part of activity governed by external contract agreement.

Now let us question some of our own behavior. I mean parents in school pick-ups. The parent drops the child late due to some reason and is delayed to pick-up the child. Are parents expecting the school staff to work in  IT job working style “I check-in, spend 8 hours and then check-out and are ready to pay over-time “? The school staff might support a few days putting extra hours and do not want to be taken granted as they need to go to their home, possibly to join with their children.

Some parents have genuine reason of traffic as the reason for delay in pick-up. Parents get charged with small fine to discourage these delays. Does small fine really pinch parents working in IT industry? When parent has not come to pick the child, what should the school staff do? Leave home? Stay at school till parent comes? It might happens that child is left in responsibility of the  available support staff or staff who can wait in school, they can harm your child, and they are not responsible folks. Parents need to acknowledge their responsibility to be on right time to pick-up.