Kid Safety 3 : Media, Internet

This is continuation of article “Kid Safety 1: CCTV,Background checks.“ and Kid Safety -2 : School and Parents.  Main stream media reports the harassment to kids as news and does not take up any investigative journalism. They keep going about reporting these unfortunate incidents. Once the next incident happen, the media forgets the previous incident and moves forward.  I am happy to see media like Citizen matters are creating awareness in smaller way possible around concerned parents. I am concerned that we have no insights to what has happened to child who suffered in July and to her parents?  Are there child able to continue go to school?  How is school treating them? Are they getting empathy in their difficult situation and not sympathy?

I observe here that agencies generating ranks for schools are not looking to children safety issues and child harassment.  Here are some of  Rank 1,Rank 2, indiaranker, Day School ranking 2013 and it is surprising and quite strange  that they have no parameters towards child safety in school , sex education and  transport system of the schools. Did they decide not to cover these issues?

Schools ask children to use computers. Assignments are send on computer and my daughter checks them on laptop.  Do teachers are aware of the presence of  large danger called porn through computer?  Do Women Watch Porn? Nation Wants to Know provides the extent porn is spread in India. I want to start that I have seen porn in some format(not internet) when I was at final school, going to theatre, considering myself as rebel/hero and the urge to perform things that society does not agree to be done by children in school.

Porn is largest content consumed over internet and has impact on individual mental growth. How Much of the Internet is actually for Porn and The Ultimate Breakdown of How People Watch Porn Online   and The Internet’s Dirty Secret: Nobody Knows How Much Porn There Is explains that porn is everywhere and it was alarming to see the article  India among the top countries in viewing porn materials.

Today child with access to mobile or computer and career focused parents might end up watching porn and the parents would never become aware of the same. The parent would be under assumption that child is studying for school projects, while child actually watching porn. How will children behaviour get affected when they view porn?

Today what is role taken by school, government and ISP who want to enter education and leverage children’s need to identify new sources of investment. There is nothing wrong technology can enable education. Are they aware of the harmful effects of technology to handle the same? What are the steps taken in this direction?

Porn seen by a child today might have impact for a long time. It destroys the youth with addictive practises and pollutes their mind to cause harm during sex. I am not asking to block porn. Where are the awareness campaigns  for children and parents? Who would own process to create and run these awareness campaigns?“.

Schools have started to  conduct “Good Touch, Bad Touch” classes. Should the government not make these classes mandatory? It should be delivered by human being. There needs to be awareness sessions on sex education and sex harassment to  teachers parents.  These classes should happen once in a year and the attendance should become mandatory for parents an teachers. May be government could create some awareness videos with help of doctors and clinicians.  These videos can be used by facilitator to evangelize more in local neighbourhoods.