Kid Safety 4: Technology,Startups

This is continuation of article “Kid Safety 1: CCTV,Background checks.“,  Kid Safety -2 : School and Parents. Where to use technology? and  Kid Safety 3 : Media, Internet. Being techie, I propose that we leverage technology to solve actual problem in education at the ground, rather than the superficial administration and productivity problems.

We leverage technology to track schools and create awareness campaigns. Here is suggestion to start with.

  • Ask all schools to submit scanned copies  certifying that awareness classes are completed to education department website. The submissions would be visible to public. Any untoward incident at school would get recorded in the website.
  • Schools can choose to display occurrence of classes with date and time on the school website. Parents need to look at this website and decide during the admission process  in school with awareness of the school attitude towards  safety.
  • Education department monitors the occurrence of these classes and also make sure that untoward incidents are available in the education department website. More untoward incidents might lead to revoke license of school or when school does not conduct these classes.

We leverage technology to provide safety to children against porn.

There should be a community portal to capture the websites related to porn.  People can submit website to marked as being porn site. The website would be reviewed and marked as blocked.  The idea is to capture these sites dangerous to children.  All the sites blocked would be transparent to public. what next?

Ask internet service providers  to start offering 2 type of connections. a child connection (porn free) and unrestricted connection ( no restriction).  This gives the choice to consumer to choose the connection to be subscribed. By default, customers are signed for child connection and the customer needs to explicitly ask for unrestricted connection.  The consumer is responsible to choose connection type.  One can have unrestricted connection on mobile and child connection at home.

All our internet service providers  have completed KYC for their customers.  They can communicate to customer that starting on a particular day all connections would be child connection and customers need to SMS to activate unrestricted connection  and then they  also get access to porn.  The unrestricted connection can come with premium cost over  child connection.

Let me end with question for start-ups in education space. Why there is focus in the area of Sex education for children? Is this not a  problem to be handled? May be an opportunity for education start-ups to join together and evangelize as group on the issues and educated their stakeholders at school. This would part of their marketing activity. Being a global problem, this can help to create awareness in other countries also.