Let go the past. Be present now.

Sometimes I ask myself
  • Feel guilty “why I am making things difficult?”

learning or exploring opportunity to learn more about myself.

With new awareness, I connect dots in my past and could see learnings that has prepared me for next level.  This make me feel good. Why I am not stopping and realize the value of learning and apply to my life?

We make choices and need to  live with the choices we made.  Some of them might make us not comfortable. You need to be aware of the past to make new choices to enable  transition.  Feeling guilty over old choice leads to labelling and does not allow to let go.  I have been helped by my friends support in these transitions to realize there is nothing to do about past choices. Instead we need to learn from experience due to past choices and Let Go and  be present with open mind to make new choices and being  aware of one self.

Here are choices labeled as bad in my life. As they have lead to learning in reality, I am destroying label to let go and Be present with open mind.
  • My father made me work on  house financial portfolio and I cannot spend money for any luxury things. He taught me value of money .
  • My father never allowed me to dropped to school in his work vehicle though company driver offered me to drop and come.He taught me value of ethics and fight against misuse leading to corruption.
  • Decided to join selected engineering colleges on merit  and If not, join arts college.  I know value of earning money that  I could refuse when my father offered to pay capitation for engineering).
  • I decided not to pay capitation for MCA and started Mathematics. I know value of money and helped me learn more about myself when I learnt the course has no campus placement currently and I need to create placement collateral with my senior and knock company doors.
  • 10 company tests cleared and cannot sit for interview due to course ineligibility. I learn the patience and resilience to reach goal of getting campus job at 15th time.
  • All company projects was under Y2k transition.  That was an opportunity to know learning is important to me as I learnt using machines available in night about COM, CORBA and deliver  training in other centre.
  • The company had bond of 1 lakh and no real work. Whatever happens, your commitment needs to be kept and you  work on win-win always.
  • Your product division and business application division company lost organization focus with merger of the organization. Good learning that it is time to let go system driven applications and move to customer driven application.  You also learn how people influence  organization style  in merger times when same organization  stood for  best treatment for employees in IT industry.
  • Joined  a OPD start-up instead of MNC which provides free lunch and cafteria.  You  learnt to influence and arranged caterer in cafeteria to serve snacks in-house.
  • OPD start-up was bought by a company that understood revenue and not our culture. You learn how that in tricky situations where it is not right for you, you need to do right things to complete what is right for your team and your customer. You then decide to move to a start-up and this is learning of how you need to treat people/employees and what they feel when you do not value them.
Let go the past, Be present and Move forward