Pathetic Customer experience

When a bank uses third party vendor for processing and also third party courier for delivery, who is responsible to meet SLAs promised by bank to the customer? It seems the banks are not worried whether technology process service the customer. When they do not get service, the customer needs to spend 45 minutes to get on-line request to be delivered adhering to Bank’s own SLA.

Last week, a calling agent called me from a Chennai company and shared “Your cheque book package has been returned to us saying that door locked”. I said to the agent we were in town and both me and my wife work and we might have to go outside house that the house is locked. We live in apartment and the security did not share a message that some one came with a package.(good security,  given a note they pass to residents for sure). I checked my mobile and noticed  SMS from a courier company asking me to pick delivery time  XXX to YYY  or ZZZ to AAA pm on specific day. As both time options falls in the middle of both of our working hours, I skipped to respond and hence the package has been returned.

  1.  How many times did the courier agent try to deliver package? Post man and agents paste a sheet that courier has come or drop this to security and there has been none.
  2.  Why was package not send  by Indian post to address, which is my communication preference? This issues has been faced earlier.

The calling agent failed to acknowledge the problem. I added that  SLA time duration to deliver  cheque book is not met. The calling agent said that here job was to inform me and she can raise a new request to send the same back and she has no influence over the courier. When enquired aboyt her access to my personal details, she reported that they received based on contract and the access to her.  15 minute over.

Next I called bank. It took 3 minutes to reach to representative. Followed with demand of  adhering to delivery time for cheque book  within stipulated time as per SLA. Demanded that proof shown for reminders given to me and how many were presented to me? Honest guy accepts he does not have that and  asks me whether you answered the call or seen SMS from courier.  when explained, he acknowledges that that is reason for non-delivery and  seems I made mistake and hence I have not received cheque book. He asked me details to order cheque book again as the previous one has returned . I refused to provide details as he also knows that the previous request has not been full-filled. He defended approach by courier (which is not my preference) representing safety of my stuff. When questioned what is safety that my personal details are in hands of Chennai company, he defended they have  agreement, based on which my data was provided.  At end of long call he  accepted that the courier guy has not delivered and would make sure that courier agency calls me and deliver the same. 30 minutes over. 

Later the courier guy called and received the cheque books.