IT skill development : Be volunteer and get benefits.

Joined IT professionals in a non-profit finishing school to improve employability of students for IT sector. Started volunteering to help them follow software development practices and conduct classes for android development. Welcome to contribute and get benefited.

In my skill development start-up, I experienced first hand the plight of college students looking for entry level jobs in Finance & Accounting. With academic learning  in F &A  in college days and no practical experience, my involvement helped me to learn nuances of skills development across students and the need to bridge the gap between academia and corporate requirements. On evangelizing our course talking of placement assistance, students asked me whether the course leads to guarantee employment.

During my journeys for skill development, I was influenced by my experience in IT towards the plight of freshers in Computer Software industry. They too have employ-ability problems. All colleges do not have college placement and all students do not get placed in college placements. Left out graduates  comes to Bangalore in search for jobs. When graduate spends a year and have not got a job, some of them get jittery and scared and also fear loan repayment kicking after first year of graduation. Ask a student from rural engineering college to learn more.

Lucky with campus job in 1998, I have seen my friends struggle. I am sharing 2 real instances seen in last 8 years of my career.

I was in my first start-up, located at Koramangala. We were on Sunday morning to complete project deliverable. There was noise at entrance and found a crowd standing around. when asked for reason, they seem to have come for interview. I called HR manager and found there was no planned walk-in interview. I explained that the walk-in-interview was not there and apologized for confusion. I accepted resume from each one and send across to HR. I forgot to follow up on collected resumes.

In my technology start-up, I see engineering graduates coming to our office door in search of job openings. We are LAMP company and graduates worked only in Windows makes it tricky to explore internship vs loss of bandwidth. I am reminded of the movie Varumayin Niram Sivappu and having heard my father’s story of challenges to get stable jobs in early 1960s. What can I do to help youngsters?

@MobiSir, one day I was travelling in bus on Outer Ring Road, I saw a crowd of youngsters on road and some of them boarded the public bus. I asked them for reason for the crowd. They shared of  getting email thread  that company was doing interview walk-in and decided to come not wanting to lose chance and same is with others also. Seems that security informed that no selection happens that day. The student expressed their wish that someone accepts resume will make them feel good. They asked whether I can help.

Two guys left and one continued to be in dialog with me. On general inquiry, I learned that he is exposed to programming from high school and knows Unix and C language.  Getting interested, I asked whether he has a laptop to learn and demonstrate that he can do assignments and we might be able to hire him as intern.  He opened his bag to show me a Apple laptop.

Me : “Are You comfortable with this?”

Student : “I have used this machine for last 4 years.

Me : ” Are you aware of programming mobile apps for iPhone”

Student : “I am not aware  and can you help me learn iPhone development?”

Me : Come to my office and would share video tutorials that I have in my laptop.

He visited my office to collect videos. I gave him video tutorials and small assignment problem to complete to know for himself  when he has learnt. I  spend 30 minutes sharing areas to learn in mobile development to earn a job and asked him to meet after  4 weeks. I received the first email stating “Hello World” program worked. After 4 weeks, this guy calls me and could not take  the call. I called next day and the call gets dropped. He calls again to share that he has got a job with Large Service company(Big Five)for iOS  mobile app development and location is in Delhi and wanted to meet me before leaving on trip. I realized to have forgotten his name and decided to hold on to happy and satisfied experience.

The student might not money from you and might nor want you to spoon feed support to learn new area. The student needs support to identify the road to take to learn that leads him to bag a job and exposure to people working in IT industry to see and learn.  Effectively  the student needs someone’s time to guide him to develop confidence and enable him to stands on his own legs. Are you ready to give your time to volunteer and get benefit of satisfaction?