Women need freedom and safety both and not one.

It has been concern and worry to read about abuse/harassment of women on car in Delhi 2 days back.(came back to Facebook after being in deactivated state for 2 months). A female friend, women had put objective question, rather than emotional one. Mountain View

I decide that I would share others actions and my own actions that make me aware how I can act sensitive towards women needs. I call each of you to identify small areas within your influence circles to take a positive action leading to make them and their staff(employed or vendor) sensitive in the approach towards women.
Sharing some small areas I have experienced in my life.( Calling others to share to create commitment).

Single women travelling in odd hours, midnight or silent hours.

  • When I see young female software engineers climbing in to call center taxis on Outer ring road, I ask them not to do so and go home safe.
  • When they have no transport offered, I have picked my sister from her office at midnight from here start-up(today leading analytics company) and dropped my wife to call center job at midnight in her 2 months experiment and send-off female cousin who leaves for flight at 3 pm.

when I was young, my manager used to book company car and ensure that our female technical lead reaches home safe. In my earlier start-ups, my boss had car driver on employee payrolls to ensure safety and made sure girls going late are dropped home.( we were small start-up). we adhered to same behaviour in our current start-up when women need to go late home.

The female software engineers give a look of “Do not interfere with me. I can take care.” and trust their devices more than another human being.Now-a-days, I take father mindset when women push me back on concerns about their safety.

Pregnancy in Profession( all industries)
Managers shoo away from hiring a female candidate who is pregnant. Reason is these candidates go on long maternity leave and it affects project rhythm. They might come back after leave or not. When they come back, it is not easy to place them back to with their old position already filled(for start-ups).

In my earlier start-ups, I has opportunity to hire a female candidate who was competent and when briefed of the efforts by colleague, I acknowledged taking decision with understanding that she is pregnant and would go on long leave in 6 months and might not come back. My previous boss supported me as the right thing to do.

In current start-up, we hired young female engineer who worked for a year and got married and became pregnant. We paid her maternity leave and she came back to work. The baby needed some special health attention and she left. After paying salary for absence being start-up, we took big brother mindset to let her go happily with a farewell party.( there is money pinch for sure for small start-up).

Completing blog acknowledging that I am male and biased by my past experiences of how women are treated in society. If man is over-protective, women would ask him not to be over concerned and claim to take care of themselves. If there is no safety due to some other men, you do not feel good. Let us be aware of responsibility of men to society where women get access to both freedom and safety and not one, similar to men.