Attended MobiSparks 2014

I have attended mostly all versions of MobiSparks 2014.  Here is yourstory version of MobiSparks 2014 & let me start with thanks to Shradha.

Anand from AirTel was first speaker and gave emphasis on Dan Pink for motivation and want start-ups to pick problems worth of your life.

  • His principle “Trouble our employers, not your customers”, My mind started to question “. Does AirTel customer service follow the principle?.
  • His principle “Focus on the user: pick the painkillers to address and not the vitamins.”. Does AirTel want to address network connectivity?
  • AirTel entertainment app increases data usage. Would AirTel offer similar offerings in  education or health space in the future?

The next session was “Mobile Payments”.

  • Highly used word was “friction-less payments“. The moderator did not raise question “What happens when there is friction?”. In reality, when there is friction, the experience turns lousy. How are the  providers working to better customer service, more when there is friction?
  • One panelist acknowledged the need of human interface after doing a level of automation.
  • Most payment approaches are stuck with debit cards and credit cards. May be a real innovation would start with a new financial instrument?

My first views on products presented in the  product showcase. For more details, please refer start-ups in mobilespark 2014.

  • Appknox:  help to find and fix security loopholes and scan the mobile apps for compliance’s before & alerts them about vulnerabilities.
  • Fyne: one another restaurant application.  wants to change eating habits and  make people eat healthy food and help user find right food based on their mood. What happens to livelihood of table bearers and waiters, when customer orders and pays using mobile app?
  • Orobind: Exercise  with personal coach.  Reminded me ” You get gym membership. Gym membership does not mean you would exercise”
  • Voonik: a personal shopping app only for women. Already women spend more time shopping, Is the additional engagement needed?
  • Voconow: helps businesses to build interactive, intelligent and connected print media campaigns. Now I know why my newspapers has first page with a full page ad and also know what might be there.  I might not try that.
  • Squadrun: I prefer to use free time to relax myself or have fun. Man, it is already has become a challenge to be free of gadgets and this mobile app wants to engage me in my free time. Are they calling free time as ‘dead time’? God, save human from their gadgets and apps.
  • Walnut: With huge number of SMS received on our mobile, this app collects and manage SMS.  How will Walnut monetize? curious.
  • Xenon: Built by a team of automotive retail experts. want to bring car brands closer to customers and helps owners engage with their cars.

Karthee made a good comment “Mobile is not a vertical anymore; as a horizontal it affects everything.” I met Karthee in first edition of MobiSparks 2014 and have me him in subsequent versions.

A Product management leader from app based car provider talked of challenges with GPS and network to be connected with driver.  Happy that she was able to acknowledge the problem, I connected dots and saw the similar challenge for passengers. They need to bring human element to ensure safety of passengers.

Pradeep of Moolya Testing perfomed last session. The session was highly energetic. He performed the session talk  with mask on his face and shared blue ocean of testing and red ocean of developers. He pointed to fact that more people(developers) choose to be in red ocean where they need to compete for space, the blue ocean(testing) is empty and Pradeep, blue whale is swimming casually with less or no competition.  He shared the need for innovation to track customer feedback and reviews in addition to testing.

I enjoyed session on nuances of ‘mobile user experience’ design from Cleartrip’s Design Head and had made no notes. Hope I get access to video. A suggestion to your-story team is to guide selected start-ups to perform better story telling on the stage.  I felt that they could be geared more for presenting on the stage.  Good job, Shradha Sharma and yourstory team, as always.