@Field : DBTL and Aadhaar

I do not have Aadhaar  card. I have all identity required in India and did not have to get Aadhaar  card. Last time when I thought of the same, Supreme Court ruling came and I did not have belief in the intent to solve problems of larger population by Aadhaar.

I went to my cooking gas distributor to submit papers so that we are enrolled in the Direct Benefit Transfer of LPG (DBTL).  I was prepared for the experience from oil marketing companies to enroll in DBTL scheme , with awareness that their staff have little or no training to handle paper based customer service. I had print-out of application form, copy of my last bill and cancelled cheque and it was simple and straight process.

What disturbed me was observation of the challenges undergone by  Aadhaar  cardholders.  As I have reached during lunch hours, I saw a good number of women and old men present and waiting to enroll in transfer scheme.

  • No application forms available for customer to pick and fill the same in their waiting time. Some of them asked the asked the staff at lunch, and were asked to wait. When they inquired me, I shared that I have printed and brought the form.  No free availability of the form. Some of them have papers and cannot write. I can neither help them without the form.
  • People looked confused of how to use form.
    • Some Aadhaar holders expressed frustration for the double efforts, one to get Aadhaar  card and again to enroll in DBTL scheme.
    • Some talked of portability and connectivity, others demanded why they are made to stand in queue,  after receiving Aadhaar.
    • All customers bills have 16 digit number, and the application form asks 17-digit number. The staff helped with the first number.
  • when staff arrived, everyone rushed to the staff in group. The staff shared that he was single and wanted everyone to adhere to a queue.
    • Customers recommended that there be separate queue for collecting filled applications and for picking fresh application. The staff shared that he was one man army for this.
    • when people did not listen, the staff  took a stand and declared to stop doing both, unless people stand in one queue. Power corrupts.
    • The staff said that application forms would be issued to Aadhaar  card holders who display the actual Aadhaar card.
    • Looks like staff is not prepared with sufficient paper to print.
    • I also heard that xerox of Adhaar card needs to done on same single sheet as appplication form. Who had them separate were asked to go and get the right copies.  Did not understand why?

What is the logic to demand display of Aadhaar card to issue application forms? These forms are freely available on internet.  On accepting the application, customer receives acknowledgement copy with stamped seal, in addition to signature. The staff did not have seal available. Some of the initial customers were asked to come back and get the seal when seal is available.  Customers have to cajol staff  to get stamp. Some of the initial customers are discipline to stand again in queue to get the seal, so sweet.

Are oil companies prepared for implementation of Aadhaar card? I smell new form of bureaucracy and corruption getting established in private firm.  I am curious to know whether any of stakeholders involved to propose Aadhaar card has undergone the process to enroll their home gas connection  in DBTL scheme?