“Rural India and Villages” by Mridula

[My girl Mridula shared this essay with me, written at school and it got selected in some event by some authority. It was adhoc event and she wrote with no preparation. The topic was ” What I would do for the development of My country,India”. I have typed article with the mistakes. Wish she finds her passion some day]

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India is a land of culture, religion and a bit of technology, but there are still somethings we do not care about like maintaining cleanliness, keeping some animals out of being endangered, etc. If we do not take reconditions soon, it will cause harm in future. When I get older, I will try to help India in some unique ways. These will develop India and make it a more smarter country. They are.

Save Animals, Save India India was once for animals like the Royal Bengal tiger, the house sparrow,etc. So we need to stop using cell phone, not slaughter them for their flesh and skin. We can still do all these things, but in limited amount.

Cleaner India, Cleaner Earth  India is not having a sense of hygiene because it does not have cleanliness, as we the people, throw  garbage everywhere, pollute the air, uproot and cut many plant without knowing their pains. So we can start cleaning India in some ways.

Caste System By removing the case system out of India, there will be ginormic miracle, but we the people refuse as we think that people who live in poor families should be slaves and rich people should be kings and queens. If we remove this, it will cause a great difference in India.

Religion We also complain about different religions as they can disturb us through their grand festivels, when we are in prayer. WE need adjustion but none of us want to adjust.

If we make these developments in our country, India we can improve the villages, cities, the people and also the government. We can also start many movement like this.

  • Swacch Bharat Movemet
  • Word Sparrow day
  • Environmental Week


Vydehi school of Excellence

Done by Mridula

Class :- VI

Date :- 27/01/15