1776 Challenge Cup @ Bangalore

There was an email calling for volunteers for Challenge Cup, Bangalore. I just signed up and then realized i was running out of time.   With support of my wife. I  was able to attend event and this was a nice experience of visiting entrepreneur event after 2 months.

The event was focused on start-ups that work on energy,education, healthcare and Smart Cities. The winners of the challenge get free trip to Washington with mentoring and outreach sessions. Please look at this link to know winners. In this post, I write about the start-ups that interested me or got a chance to interact with their co-founders based on their pitches.

  • Coeo Labs is a cool health start-up. They have developed  medical device and  new procedure to prevent Ventilator associated pneumonia in incubated patients in the ICU.
  • Fyrsta is another health start-up focused to relieve pain,including back pain. The founder wanted to solve pain of his mother and experimented to come with cure and now positioning the solution to relieve pain of other people and also extend to cure other pains.  Nice to know that founder is also from College of Engineering, Guindy.
  • Smart Buildings is technology start-up solution with by a cool device to measure energy consumption in buildings and propose approaches to conserve energy by reducing energy consumption.  Their solution utilizes already collected data  like security data available locally in buildings of enterprises  to identify occupancy of building.Wish empowerment of all  technology company offices in Bangalore to be enabled to conserve energy.
  • BrainWave has a lot of educational products from children and are part of  Amar Chitra Katha Pvt Ltd
  • Divi Learning: It is interesting to see one another company arriving to democratize educational content.Wish they are more aware of the path they are on journey. I was not self aware 4 years back and was also inspired by Khan academy.
  • BGenius : nice to see Calcutta based start-up.  I liked that they are dedicated to provide solutions for students to change the way students think and study and reduce their study pressure and study time, making education fun and easy.
  • Greeneria is energy start-up works in waste management of organic waste. They manufacture hardware that would process waste of 25kg/day to 1250 kg per day I hear that hardware was developed abroad and has been licenses and tinkered for Indian conditions.He is working with hotels and other food places. Check www.arunagreen.com. Nice to see progress beyond kambha  and  NGV project done as part of AID Bangalore.

Thanks to Andrew and Gareet for coming to Bangalore and organizing event for start-ups and keep them motivated. Thanks to Microsoft Accelerator for facilitating the program.