Other Neutrality like Net neutrality

I am happy that we are aware of net neutrality, garnered support and resulted in some real actions. Should we direct learning’s from net neutrality  to other areas also?

This blogs is not about net neutrality.  If you have not heard the term earlier, go ahead and read the articles Net Neutrality: Here is everything you need to know about itThe Fight against Airtel’s VOIP charges, net neutrality and what it means for Startups in India?Net Neutrality violation: Airtel introduces differential pricing for type of Mobile Internet usage and What is net neutrality and why it is important

Here are my observation of no neutrality in other areas of society affecting common man similar to net neutrality.

  • People in cities and major towns have access to internet and internet is not available 50 kms away from city centers. Should internet service providers be not demanded to be net access neutrality? Even in Bangalore,if you rich and live in areas more with slums, you would not get broadband access with private providers.
  • Public transport entities like BMTC offer bus services. In areas like ITPL, I observe more Volvo buses than ordinary buses, while large section of bus passengers cannot afford the charges of Volvo and are looking for ordinary buses. Few have represented to BMTC to have more common buses too. It is painful to see Volvo buses plying empty, when the common man waits for ordinary bus.  In reality I think there is  no transport access neutrality. Where is transport access neutrality needed by common man?
  • When you are pedestrian and want to cross the road, there are no pedestrian crossing and hence you navigate through traffic holding your precious life. When a lot of pedestrians try to create awareness towards safety to their life, there are  pedestrian walk ways created and pedestrians are made to climb up and climb down. It is not easy for old people to do this climb up and climb down.  Ideally, both the pedestrian and the person travelling in his car have equal access to the road. In reality, roads are developed more skewed towards transport vehicles and not towards humans(pedestrians) and there is no road access neutrality. Where is  road access for people mobility needed by common man?
  • The whole electronic city flyover is making life horrible with median across its poles and the common man needs to walk long distances to cross the road. You realize this neutrality when you are pedestrian and make use of public transport to commute.

Today, I saw this article in Hindu Whitefield residents stage protest against deluge of trucks. One can observe that ban on trucks carrying essential commodities is not demanded, as they need essential commodities.  There is call of regulation of timings for movement of trucks carrying non-essential goods, as they do not need non-essential goods for their homes and  work. Will regulation of timings for movement of trucks lead to questions on transport vehicle neutrality ?

I want to call IT pros and Whitefield residents( today most are IT pros) to apply their net neutrality awareness to arrive at holistic perspectives for society challenges. I want Whitefield residents to read following and be aware

  • White field was more area like village 20 years back  with resident bungalows and independent villa house. The high rise apartments and IT companies has contributed more to transport woes more than trucks.
  • Outer Ring Road of Bangalore was developed for  trucks to have smooth transport.  IT guys leveraged the roads originally developed for trucks to their advantage.
  • A huge industrial park  was developed in Mahadevapura and surrounding areas and these industrial companies depend on truck and there is container corporation right near ITPL where trucks commute on regular basis. IT guys leveraged the existing infrastructure  starting with ITPL first and continued to develop their homes around these industry establishments.

There is need  of support from educated (IT pros) for this too to create awareness.  I wish IT pros take initiatives to create other neutrality needed by common man in the society.