Should doctors be entrepreneurs or freelancers?

I read Mukesh blog “Are you an enterpreneur or freelancer“. Very true about entrepreneur. Entrepreneur earns money from business for organization to hire and pays salaries for people’s work. He depends on others contribution to earn income and adds uncertainty. Any one can become entrepreneurs.

Freelancer or consultant earns money for himself. He depends on his skills to contribute to others to reduce their uncertainty and  earn income. There is uncertainty to extent that he depends on himself to offer his value to an entrepreneur or business to reduce their uncertainty. Freelancers are mainly professionals like doctors, lawyers, equity dealer, trainer, singers, artists. Human connect is very important to doctor from perspective or care and cure. .

Chinmaya Hospital is a social entrepreneurial hospital serving people with heath care for  more than 30 years. They have priority in order of patient care,  patient cure and beyond patient money.   How will entrepreneur doctor get doctor staff to prioritize in order of patient care, patient cure and beyond  patient money?

I am sharing experience below on having visited a similar or possibly same doctor in Bangalore when my wife was pregnant with second daughter. Mukesh is right calling doctor as freelancer.

My wife went for her regular tests and the doctor in nearby medical lab. The medical lab is entrepreneurial firm and lab doctor went across his status(on patient ask) to share observation on scan about the to-be-born child and that shared my wife and sister who were young. They came back and started reading on internet and got more worried before we meet gynecologist  the same evening. Our gynecologist was veteran in delivering babies from 1960s and wanted my wife not to fear first. She have observed similar patterns earlier and babies were all fine and mostly the observation provided was not right.  To clear fear in our mind, she wanted us to visit doctor(referred in Mukesh blog mostly) to get scan and expert opinion. Our gynecologist   is a freelancer too.

Appointments were available after a month when called over phone and for immediate appointment, we were asked to come before 9 am and the promise of doctor is to see patients before he goes home in night . We went in morning and took token and waited for doctor to call. We got appointment at 8 pm in night. Amazing commitment of freelancer to make sure every customer goes home before he leaves.

The special doctor looked at report and shared that it was normal and not to worry and expressed that  lab doctor should not have commented as pregnancy is little different from regular one. Observing the fear from our eyes, after listening to us, ask was to think positive from right now to 3 months of baby’s birth and that energy will make baby come right.  We still went through one more minor scan to gain comfort that things were normal.

Mrinalini was born in lakeside hospital, Ulsoor and is growing as normal girl and is 8 years old.  If doctor priorities patient care, then patient cure and beyond patient’s money, the doctor can either be entrepreneur or freelancer.