Hours lost with eCommerce delivery

My wife’s practical advise with worse e-Commerce delivery. Will I be able to follow the advise?

  1. D not get frustrated and waste my precious weekend hours with customer service
  2.  If the e-commerce site demonstrates similar experience, do not order from the website.
  3. Do not spend time believing engaging them would transform their customer service better.

For me customer experience starts from going to customer website, select items and order items.  Should experience not continue till goods delivery to customer’s address?  As customer, for me customer experience includes the experience with  the delivery boy, technician and the customer support portal on escalations.  Beyond the ordering portal to place order, the customer experience is really worse with most of the Indian e-commerce websites.  Here is my experiences and my wife experience and above practical advise.

We ordered study table for our daughter on PepperFry prior to previous Sunday.  On last week Tuesday, I saw missed call on phone after a meeting.  On reaching the missed call number, the delivery boy says that there is no one at home when we came for delivery. Is the message that learn to wait home for the delivery boy to call me?

He asks me whether he can deliver goods with security at front.  When asked “Can you deliver after an hour?”. He says “Yes” and then I start from office and reach home. When I entered home, I call the same number to get response that the item will be delivered within 15 minutes. After that, I keep waiting for more than one hour and no one turns up with delivery. Is the message that learn lesson for not being at the time the delivery boy comes to my home?

Disappointed, I call customer service, provide the order number. The customer service promises to get back by the end of day and assures of delivery within next day. For server issues, they fail to provide a case reference number. I forget this.  Yesterday Saturday , I called customer service. The customer service asks for previous case number say there is no track of my call and ask me to explain problem again. I explain and they claim that the call is recorded and they are not able to extract the previous call. Is the message that learn that  customer portal is not responsible for good delivery and it is my responsibility?

In conversations, I get a hidden message that there are more things to worry beyond the customer.  My wife overheard talk to customer portal and made comment ” Be happy that you are not asked whether to deliver product in your office. I know it is not easy for you carry this large furniture home.”.  Asking why  made me learn the following two experiences.

She shares her delivery experience with Indane domestic gas. She considers delivery experience of e-commerce company is similar to  delivery experience with Indane domestic gas. Both of them are pathetic and there is not much difference in effectiveness and this is her experience.

My wife works as teacher in school setup, where she does not pick phone calls during school hours. She started ordering in flip-kart. The delivery boys call her during here office hours and  she does not pick up the call. She comes home and call backs missed calls. Some times the delivery boy respond and some time they do not respond. When they respond, the answer is evasive and delivery fails to happen. When she calls customer service, she is informed that she was not at home and hence they were not able to deliver order. They recommend that she can provide her office address and they can deliver there. Bad taste of recommendation after learning from her that she cannot entertain calls and visitors as per school rules.

After the same episode happened twice, she decided not to order in Flipkart.com and no more visits their website.   She says that she has no option with domestic gas and atleast have option here to switch to  amazon.in. Till now, amazon.in provides decent delivery experience, even if it becomes late hours. If amazon.in fails to deliver, she would no more order from them too.