Should schools focus to teach tools?

I heard my daughter  studying in second standard asking my wife that ” I completed studying. Ask me questions. I will answer”. As she was busy, I volunteered to ask questions. Here are the questions in her classwork. Please have a look at them. Answer these questions. Should schools focus to teach tools and have exams to evaluate tool usage? What is impact by tool  taught in school on your child? if you want to deep dive, more questions below the classwork.

Introduction to Word 2007

  1. Give steps to start MS-Word?
    • Answer: Click on start – All Programs-> Microsoft Office -> Microsoft Office Word 2007
  2. List different components of MS-Word
    • Answer: The different components are Title Bar, Ribbon, Ruler, Scroll bars, work area, Cursor, Status bar, Quick Access toolbar, Office Button and View button
  3. Which commands are used to store text in MS-Word 2007?
    • Answer: The Save and SaveAs Commands are used to store the typed next
  4. Explain the function of Quick Access toolbar
    • Answer: The quick access toolbar is used to directly save, undo or redo changes in the word file while working on it.

Some additional questions to think and ponder.

  1. They taught tool. Why not schools just have only practical tests?
  2. They are teaching tool version that is quite old. Do we realize the tool usage is not same on  iPad?
  3. When children get used Microsoft Word 2007,  Will it be easy for children to change themselves later to a different tool later?