Did you get Freedom on 68th Independence day?

Being lazy, I did not post a  blog in last few months. Last weekend was independence day. and I had some interesting observations and shared them here.

My children had independence day function at school. My apartment has flag hoisting followed by activities performed by children in the morning and we moved to breakfast. Observed that persons from catering service served serving food, compared to earlier practice of residents volunteers. The breakfast attracts people to attend independence day event.

Observed that people did not check whether food is available for other residents and were more interested for re-fill. Some mothers asked permission to take an extra plate for children who went to school. One can see this as freedom earned by mothers & housewives from activity to prepare  breakfast.  We also made use of paper plates and  paper glasses compared to earlier polluted practice of plastic/thermocol plates for food. Few waited to ensure that support staff had food too, support staff work more on event days. Can support staff enjoy freedom at same time when others enjoy freedom?

My proposal is to keep hundiyal or charity box. Ask residents to contribute money,equivalent to cost of breakfast and pass on the collected money to charity. On sharing with residents, the idea was welcome with suggestions for me to take lead to implement same during next event.

As children had school in morning, talent/cultural show was planned in evening. There were a lot of good activities including a “New Era Ramayana” skit. My daughters acted as Seeta(big) and Supernaka(small) in play. Jayant, resident & father did amazing job of creating skit with children. In addition skit was enjoyable. He was inclusive in skit. Awesome.

There were food and game stalls setup by adults and young children,(future entrepreneurs).  I had setup a charity stall with aim to collect money along with entertainment sped and create awareness of getting happiness by sharing. Observed  external girl(10 years) had come to sell balloons. On enquiring whether she wants to view event and not sell balloons, she wanted to sell as her family needs money & here father was selling too.

I was feeling both happy and sad at the same time. She sold 75 balloons and she did not enjoy like other children. Later, balloon girl’s father came. To reduce my guilt, I asked my daughters to go along with the balloon girl and buy her needs from stalls. She came and thanked me. Felt quite small. When does she get freedom?

Interesting events at end of event. Two boys who ran a stall came and donated Rs 15. Two girls donated Rs 50 and Rs 100 for charity, out of money provided for stall purchases. One adult stall owner came and donated profits of Rs 700. Felt good and satisfied with awareness created by my stall. Though children donation was small, their contribution was more in terms of compassion and consider more than my charity stall collection of  more than Rs 6000.

Next day morning, we had sports event and children and adults had great fun. Even grand parents had activities designed for them. Still observed that support staff was working tirelessly to make event success.  I also saw them working to put chairs and places back in its place across sports day. When support staff gets their freedom?

To encourage children to be more caring and to appreciate their generosity, I shared with them some t-shirts designed by children in corporate annual picnic.