Let me start with apprecation for every innovator who dream and work to make their dream to become true. This includes innovators who could not come to Innofest. It was refereshing to see a lot of college students presenting their innovations. Some students have started to cultivate passion across their education journey and are working to continue to nurture their dreams, being at job in different industry. For change, I felt that innovators focused more on their innovations, rather than monetization. Makes me think what could I have performed different if I was born 15 years later.

Started first visiting TeamIndus. The team had done good initiative in science. I expect them to look beyond Google Lunar X prize and have people mission also. While their innovation gets used in real world, I visualize that innovation can serve as motivate college and school students to dream and take action to realize their dream. What is plan for TeamIndus to engage with students?  I see them more engaged with space agencies, corp-orates, old men. Not clear with schools/colleges.

Started with session on “How do you create a condusive environment in your office to build a culture of innovation?”. Mohit shared about removing unnecessary HR process and bringing focus on faith and belief on employees. He encourage employees to innovate was”Think through the day and write down 3 things that bothered you. If the same bothers you on  regular basis, write a plan to solve and discuss”

Failed to understand Alok speak around Focus. Some good points for sure. Focus is important in startup journey. I liked his question to startups “What you know about business that no one else know?“.  Touched upon the decision to chase one rabbit or multiple rabbits(ideas) in a startup and challenges. Shared Google laser focus to develop tools/system around BigData, rather than search and ads.

Heard Ganesh(first time) explain  business models & their impact on the money and speed needed to sustain and grow business. Contrasted business with need of continuous sustained capital to survive for long years(eg:Flipkart) and business with no need for continuous capital raising and depends on customer pay(eg:School). Contrasted business with demands to grow fast (eg:Taxi or Food app) where one needs to get to place 1 and 2 and business allowing space for more folks (schools/hospital/restaurant) without nature of  “Win, Take All”.

I have posted my impression on first hand about innovations in blog post Innovations@Innofest2015. Thanks to volunteer team and IISC for making this event happen. I see Innofest2015 is a great start and wish following.

1. Make Innofest festival to happen in multiple cities
2. Open Innofest stalls for schools and college students to visit
3. Bring more of innovations that are connected with fields other than IT based.
4. Get active participation of academicians who are real innovators. Take inclusiveness to next level.

Felt that speakers of concluding event talk more about innovation than investing  in innovation. As I spend most of my time with stall, I attended few sessions. The sessions were more of success and not sure representation of failure and resilience as  inherent part of innovations.

One area to improve that I noticed was to reduce the plastic waste created by food stalls. Both vendors providing food for participants used plastic. Interesting to note that they could serve simple food without using package/plastic material. Happy to see water cans with paper glasses and no water bottles.