India Travel: Technology vs Local Language

While relaxing on vacation, I was not able to stop observing how technology meets the ground. You choose to use online application available  in English to book flights & hotel on and feel good that “All is done”.  What is you status in reality.

Observation 1 Taxi drivers do not know English. Be prepared to answer in Hindi when the taxi driver calls to confirm pick-up address and share when taxi would arrive at starting destination. In my case, Took help from my wife or relative to talk to driver in Hindi. What would happen if entire family does not know local language?

Observation 2 On confirmation of booking accommodation, you received an email with the hotel name, booking details and address in addition to SMS. I have taken printout of the email. The print-out contains the hotel address without landmark and Google map. When driver checks with wife for landmark and your wife asks the same, there is no landmark at your hand. I got a feeling that “All is not set”. Being techie, I made frantic attempts to connect over internet and view Google map. As internet connects intermittently, Google maps was not accessible and when connected and I searched in Google Maps, the connection broke down. Patted myself for carrying the print-out that saved me from wrath of my family.

Can travel website/provider provide landmark as part of accommodation confirmation email? In addition, it would be useful to have hotel address provided also in local language prevalent in the vicinity of the hotel  location.

Observation 3:  We reached hotel at 1 AM, post-midnight. At 10 PM, our driver asked for the hotel address and when conveyed, driver requested for a landmark for hotel. Found that neither phone connection  was not available nor internet was working for some time. After multiple calls( it is already 10 PM), the hotel staff picked call. where we just asked driver to talk to hotel staff. Both conversed in Hindi and the driver acknowledged the way to the hotel to my wife in Hindi..

When reached the hotel(post 1 PM) , the computer is switched off  and hotel staff does not understand English. Explained booking in broken Hinglish and shared with him the print-out carried. Thanks to God that we had acknowledgement email. The print-out brought a sense of belief in eyes of hotel staff, though he does not know English, while the entire print-out is in English. We got our room key.

What would happen if I have missed to take a print-out with us for hotel booking?