Does “Not picking mobile”means “buyer not at home”?

Few months back I wrote  blog “Pain at work for e-commerce delivery boy”  I was really concerned about the plight of the delivery boys. While I talk from the delivery boy needs, the insufficient or no training offered to delivery boys has become a pain for e-retail buyer.

I  am not regular buyer on  e-commerce website beyond books.  Books can be delivered to security or neighbor and we  faced no issue with delivery boys. we purchased mobile on At time of order, Amazon committed to deliver on 4th or 5th days from the order date. After one day from order date, an email was received that delivery would be done on the second day of the order. Looked impressive  and was open for delivery.

[Day 3] I get a call on my mobile  at 11:30  am and being asked whether the delivery can be done at home. he wants to deliver at my home. I informed my absence at home and asked him to deliver after 4 pm and my wife would be at home.  When asked whether he was in front of my house door, his response was negative. I call this person at 6:30 pm and he  shares that he is present somewhere in Old Airport Road and he would deliver.

After multiple Follow-up  and person agrees to deliver and then fails to deliver causes an irritating experience. The delivery does not happen and status changes as “could not be delivered as no one was available to receive it” . We know for sure that guy did not come to our door and have not even visited apartment security gate

[Day 4] The next day, I forgot my mobile at home. When I returned home, I saw missed calls on the phone and called and the person asked me to call the carrier. When I check my order email,there is no contact number to reach e-commerce retailer. Then I figured an option where I could provide a mobile number and call center reaches me. The service representative offered to get package delivered at earliest.

When I talked to customer representative, I hear interesting words. “We have to request the delivery agency”. On talking to supervisor, you hear underlying message that we have no control & are not sure when things will get delivered. Luckily, package was delivered today [Day 5].

May be e-commerce firms can collect buyer preferences before specifying  delivery date  for order.

  • Provide the buyer with time slots in day  & ask buyer to choose time slot  for delivery. Instead asking  customer to choose time, provide time ranges like 8 to 10 am, 10 am  to 6 pm, 6 pm to 8 pm.
  • For items of low value, ask buyer whether item can be delivered with security or neighbor. May be option is not offered when purchase is high value item.

May be e-commerce firms can capture more data to verify the authenticity of delivery person and buyer in mid of conflict. When delivery person visits house and house is locked, ask person to take picture of locked house and upload the same to site. Display this to buyer and you verified delivery boy really tried.

My wife started worrying whether order will be delivered. Not sure whether her saying ” After 2 times getting message door is locked, you need to cancel existing order and perform re-order” is true. Looks the horror in delivery is known to all customers. Makesme wonder whether delivery boy takes role of important person in e-commerce transaction.