Four Words that can Trigger a Four-Letter Word

Copied from Four Words that can Trigger a Four-Letter Word for my reference

The English language, like any language, was designed to help communicate an idea, a thought, a feeling, a decision….

But, sometimes, the crafting of the words into a sentence can lead to confusion, fear, and angst.

A lawyer told me that some of the trickiest questions asked of any defendant in a court case can be:

  • Have you stopped beating your spouse, or
  • Have you stopped taking bribes, or
  • Have you stopped eating beef?

“Please answer with a ‘Yes’ or a ‘No’,” says the wily lawyer.

You are trapped.

A “Yes” – the lawyer explained – to any of the above 3 questions can get you into a lot of trouble as it implies that you were indulging in that alleged act and had stopped recently.

You are, therefore, guilty for past crimes.

But if you said “No” it means that:

  • You confess that you are still in the habit of beating your spouse and, therefore, need to be punished;
  • You confess that you still have your hand in the till and are taking bribes and, therefore, need to be punished;
  • You still enjoy eating beef and, therefore, need to be punished.

Now try asking the Federal Reserve Board the question:

  • Are you still keeping interest rates low so that speculators can continue having a field day and ensure that the bonus pay outs of the financial honchos can reach peak levels by Christmas?

The Fed can answer with a “Yes” or a “No”.
A “Yes” would mean that the Fed did all this rescue effort and pumped up its balance sheet by USD 4.5 trillion since September 2008 to feed it to the Wall Street crowd.
A “No” would mean that they were doing it – but have decided to stop.