Impact of on-demand with uninterrupted supply?

Today we have e-commerce stores, transport app providers, food startups. Most of these want to supply things on demand. Effectively they want to help individuals to have uninterrupted supply of  goods and services.

In blog, we are becoming aware of  the impact of phone communication, water and electricity. on the path to self arrive to an answer  for question “Where is convenience and comfort  due to online demand with interrupted supply lead us to? “. All three are perceived by children of most IT folks to be available on-demand with uninterrupted supplies

Let us start with communication over phone or mobile. When mobile connectivity was not reliable in Chennai in last few days, my wife was very anxious about not talking to her mother.On internet, you hear about absence of mobile infrastructure.

  • Look 30 years back, STD phones were not prevalent. Folks talked once a week maybe.Once uninterrupted communication through mobile, we are less tolerant of any interruption in communication. [ I acknowledge role of mobile & social network, say in flood relief ]
  • 10 years back, people worked at office and lived at home.  We started with work from home” concept looking as convenience for employees. Today things have changed and people work more from their homes than when at office. Does the  uninterrupted internet supply help humans? Does over internet use impact social bonding?

Let us move to water. Both in Chennai or Bangalore, water bodies are being encroached upon.

  • With  taps at our homes and toilet closets, we stopped going to lakes, rivers or ponds for bath or wash clothes. Over time, we have become less concerned when water bodies are encroached or misused. We look at water bodies more from aesthetic and looking good angle. Has  tap comfort played a role to lose/ for reducing  water bodies?
  • Earlier water was drawn from well or in common tap and brought to bath room or toilet which involves physical action. The physical action was measured with number of bucket used. This made us consume less amount of water. Today, there is less awareness of  the water quantity consumed by bath in shower compared to bath pouring from bucket.  With these practices, Can we be still conscious of water loss or water wastage?  
  • In apartments, water comes from corporation or comes in water tanker in bulk to apartment. The purchase of water is handled by manager and charged comes as single maintenance fee. We are not aware of the percentage of water consumption across water sources – corporation, bore-well and water tanker. With these practices, how do we become conscious of water scarcity? 

Let us move to electricity. Grown in Neyveli, I have not used much of power cuts or absence of electricity. In Bangalore today, apartment has diesel generator and my relatives house has invert-er. With passing days, a small interruption of power is not acceptable. May be my kids are not even aware of the concept called “Power-cut”. We have become less bothered about using diesel to light our homes.

  • In Trichy, there is no power backup. When I find it difficult in summer times and complain of getting tired due to heat, it is surprising that my father is tolerant of power cut and heat. Having worked in Neyveli for 40 years, he neither faced power cut too.
  • In Trichy, I sleep in room with Air conditioner. While I crib the heat and run Air conditioner through the day, it is surprising to find my dad not using Air-conditioner present in his home. For more than 20 years in his service, he had an  air-conditioned office room.
  • In trichy, there is no refrigerator even today. My dad  purchases fresh vegetables and fruits every day for home. If there is no power for 2 days, house-wives complain of food related items kept in fridge may get spoiled, as the refrigerator does not work on backup power.

Does presence of uninterrupted supply, via backup power in Bangalore makes me to complain?  Have I lost capability of staying in hot place, after living in Neyveli,a hot place for 20 years? Has comfort used in last 10 years leading to conflict and struggle ?

If you look back to early 1980s(30 years back), few families had television, DVD players(VCRs) or computers and no internet. I had good time playing with friends and other stuff. Do children in Bangalore  be without gadgets for one day per month? if you say yes, how long that would continue? It is concerning to see children getting more use to technology and less being their own self, dreaming. Are we leading to scenario where  children do not day- dream?

Coming back to impact of electricity on food. 200 years ago, soldiers marched to war ate food only once in 2 days or 3 days. There was no time luxury for them to wait on their march to eat every day and there are times of them  waiting in dangerous zone.  In period with no electricity, people ate 2  to 3 times and did not eat 4 times -breakfast, lunch & early dinner.

On arrival of industrial revolution & electricity, working people can arrive home late with uninterrupted lights at work and home round-the clock. On fathers arriving late, children  who had early dinner joined father to eat. Hence eating started to happen 4 times per day.  Do we need to eat 4 times a day for healthy living?  Is eating late good for heath?