Bye 2015,year of Transition from Start-up To

Wish you and your family a happy and prosperous New Year 2016.

2015, an year of learning for me with its Lows and Highs. Started year with no money earning opportunity. Found a lot of good people to support in ecosystem and learnt that it is my responsibility to go in search for them and ask for what we need, without expectations. It is all within me to look at life experiences as positive, learn and  strive to be more positive, it does not matter what others do.  My realization towards money is to prioritize earning money to meet family needs before meeting my desire of being on my own.

While year started with my desire to bring money on the table, my wife did not appear to believe that I would bring money to table. Failure Videos of Muki PepperSquare helped me a lot to cope up in failure stage. Decided to experiment with consulting and clear targets of money to be earned per month, growth needed and a minimal hourly rate to engage with clients(very less).

I was demanding myself to earn money for first 4 months to meet family needs, have surplus to take vacation with my children, wife and travel by flight.( 4 years ask) and revenue earnings needs to increase month on month. On failure to reach goals, I would move on to a job with baseline to share with recruiters interested in my current pay (instead of zero).

In 1st  quarter of 2015, I worked with product firms wanted to migrate their portal from old web version to new web version with new product features. I worked for money with young folks of business family to shape idea in to Technology & board developers to kick start development.

To generate leads, I created habit to meet one entrepreneur every week. Generate leads in mobile app development with large firms. and also with startups where money equation was always a mismatch. With belief to “Dig well before thirsty”, enabled a few service startup guys(Big Data) to come with presentation deck & expose them to business model canvas.

Got to evangelize IT skill initiative for  large skill development NGO lead to engaging with Big-5 firm partner , who was interested to board me, the organization showed reluctance to hire non-MBA person.

Proud to meet this women entrepreneur, who experiment with me to spear-head initiative to write articles in language. Ground experiment made me see how my work has relevance to her mission and realized that my writing was more to express myself & less relevance to express others Feel amazed for the belief, faith she had put in me and paid for travel too.

Thanks to growth startup entrepreneurs from Delhi and Chennai region who reached me to explore opportunities with relocation. I was not planned to shift my family for my needs. At the same time, I was feeling  bad that I was not ready to relocate and did not make use of interest of people interested in me.

While I was earning money, the money was good for startup guy and out of the way for my growth plans.  In late March, I realized leads in hand and time to closure and my inability to pay my 2 daughters initial term fees( amounts to a lakh) demanding that I break my savings.

I went to my friend, my ex-boss at proteans and asked for help. He put me one of our ex-clients, which was first job and I joined.  My Chennai friend stepped-in to pay my school fees. Thanks to PJ for sharing your shoulders to cry, crib and complaint my failure. An Chennai entrepreneur stepped in to see how he help me become stable where I am.(debted to him too).

Next 8 months of 2015 has been in stable employment with product company. There are different varied emotions when friends in startup world share their reaching of goals in terms of revenue or funding. Most of them have toiled long years on their own and  Feel happy for each one of their success and feel proud to attend some of their events of transition.

Doing a lot of self retrospection. Articles of Recharge my career  makes me to think. Still in good personal touch my co-founders and other founders. Cycled to work, geared myself on technology. Live in 4 mile radius.

  • Very happy to go with family on 10 day vacation and spend money and they really enjoyed the experience.
  • Be home to look at my children in evening by 5 pm . ( few late night calls).
  • Support my wife to go for her Saturday training and take care of children at home.

Last 8 months, question keeps coming around on my interest to be entrepreneur again. Observe my behavior comes with in-build  entrepreneurial straits.

  • iSpirit belief in me and invitation to entrepreneur events, (attended Chennai SaSx2) helps me keep confidence when I feel down.
  • Initiated & Involved to collect relief materials for Chennai in Dec.
  • Continue to run old news papers campaign of Karunashraya for 5th year along with my wife – a real community bonding.

Wish you and Your family a happy and prosperous New Year 2016.