When Nokia Lumia 525 gets upgraded to Win 10?

I have iPad bought in 2011 from Apple. My device gets upgraded every year. The one thing missing in iPad is recording voice. My daughters used this feature extensively and were unhappy. They are still happy with iPad as other features continue to work with new releases also.

I bought Nokia Lumina 525 in 2014. I installed few mobile apps on  phone. For last 6 months, there are no application upgrades for phone.  Software Uploads and Downloads page for 525  specified latest version as 8.10.14219.341 which is on the phone. My phone has this version 8.10.14219.341.  Microsoft support site  claims that my phone version is eligible for the advantage of the upgrade to Windows 10.

None of my apps seem to work properly including LinkedIn and neither they have updates. Application developers have not provided updates as Microsoft has paused the upgrade to Windows 10 as mentioned in Microsoft  pauses Lumia 520, 525 updates.

As developer, I have windows 10 on my home  and work laptop. I need to purchase a new phone to develop an application that works both on computer and mobile.

I do not like to be in this stage. I do not like to be made to wait for upgrade. Should I trust Microsoft to provide upgrade at all? Will it become hoax? With no upgrade available, this phone bought close to Rs 10,000 has proved that it is not value for money compared to my wife android phone bought for Rs 6,000.