Deven, The future werewolf hunter

[ Provided the first line(in bold) by her school, Mridula has attempted to write a story and also a title. Posting the same here].

There was just enough light in the darkened room for Deven to notice that two large eye balls staring right at him. He rubbed his eyes thinking it was his imagination. The eyes disappeared. He again fell asleep again without any worry.

The next day was a weird day for him. He saw a black cat in the bathroom while brushing his teeth, a mysterious fog was there around hos house and every now and the, a screaming screech was heard. Nothing happened at his school much, only that his friend Thomas was acting strange.

Thomas was supposed to come to Deven’s house in the evening. When he came, Jacky, Deven’s pet dog  started barking at Thomas. ‘ This is unusual’ thought Deven. They played all evening. As night fell, Deven;s mom got a call saying that Thomas was supposed to stay in their house for the night.

It was almost dinner time. Thomas and Deven were sitting on the dining table. Deven’s mom has prepared pasta, especially liked by Thomas. But Thomas did not even touch the plate. He told that he was going to check on Jacky. He went upstairs after that. Deven did not take a glance of his face, but there were red marks on his white t-shirt, like he had fell on some red mud.

Deven went to check on Jacky after eating, but he found Jacky dead like something has eaten him. Deven started freaking out and was suspecting Thomas. The moon was shinning brightly & it was bed time. Deven and Thomas slept in the same room. In the mind of night,  Thomas stood up and he opened his eyes. His eyes was not sparking blue, but were large and glowing orange. These were the same eyeballs, Deven had seen the night before.  He found an pencils knife on his bed side table and kept it ready if something happened.

Thomas started screeching and transformed in to a werewolf. He started howling. It was the cry for the help of other werewolf’s. Suddenly he stabbed Thomas, the werewolf on his chest. The werewolf was dead. Then Deven heard a lot of howling. He was startled.

That was the time Deven found that there was a whole pack of werewolves there some where and he was going to hunt them down.