Have your children gone to summer vacation?

On the way back from gym, I observed boy in school uniform. On inquiry, he shares” I am going to higher class, there are special preparatory classed till end of April. Then vacation starts for me”. Could see that boy was not happy to say this. Why are schools planning classes  of next year prior to summer vacation? My daughter is to 8th standard and  I started to wonder what will be her short  summer vacation after 2 years.

On walking around the apartment, a small girl asks me about my daughter. On my response, she asks about my daughter return date. Inquiring about her plan, she answers that her grand parents are present at home and other grand parents are coming too and adds “We are going to this place {HongKong} or {Florida} or {Kashmir} by flight”. I asked myself whether she is going on real summer vacation or tourism vacation.

Currently My children have gone for summer vacation to Chennai. They would spend time their grandma’s place in Chennai and possibly with my sister and her daughter in Chennai. They  visit beach in relaxed manner, which is not in Bangalore. Go along with their gran parents to charity shop and learn how to how to transact in cash and learn basics of retails. My big daughter carried her kindle to read for  a month.

I am happy that they spend time away from regular school activities and try doing new things. Children should spend summer holidays enjoying freedom to dream of new ideas and explore things by themselves. Once they know what they want to pursue focus, they need to ask elders  guidance and guidance in areas of their interest.

I wish that children go less to coaching camp with pre-defined schedule to enable parents to attend work. May be children will have fun being at home alone too. How about going to shop  and work there? How about working at restaurant, handling cash box or cooking or serving at tables?  It will help them learn some new skills that would stay for their life and what does it mean to earn money.

I wish parents put limits on the digital entertainments time or to specific part of day. Allow children with time to get bored, leading to dream about new things, which would push them to explore new things in life. Take time off to understand  their interests to explore and help them to pursue their interests as hobby or passion. Do not become teacher , just become their enabler.

In my childhood, all summer vacation were at home most of the years.  Neither did we travel and not there were much coaching camps. Here is blog  Summer holidays in Neyveli – nostalgia  that talks of my summer holidays. Some years helped me to experience evening state level football matches and hockey matches in Neyveli stadium

While I missed to mention in the blog, that we visited local movie theater. Remember theaters played same movie on all shows for more than a week or close to 2 weeks, compared to today, where there are multiple movie played by a single theater on a single day and multiple theaters co-exist in a single location.