Where are”Made in India” products ?

At start of 2016, I wanted to experiment to purchase more  Indian stuff. The experiment made me realize different aspects of life and economy. The more I went by bus and cycle, the awareness of ground reality becomes more evident. For first time, I have decided to move to Khadi shirts and already put the same in action.

Observing books & gadgets where I spend most of my time, i was not proud of my purchases and usage.

  • Used Nokia and Blackberry phones earlier. Our home sees usage of kindle, iPod and iPads. Where is Indian device?
  • Use Facebook, LinkedIn, twitter, Ever-note, Dropbox and Skype. Where is popular Indian software or mobile app?
  • Use GMail, YoutTube, Yahoo without memory that they are not Indian brands. Same with HP , DELL or IBM/lenovo laptop. where is Indian laptop? .
  • Read  yourstory.com articles and used to comment my view. Realized I am forced to perform Facebook login and post comments, decided not to post comments.Thanks To Yourstory.com for regional language focused stories, while all is in English
  • Adhaar uses bio-metric devices manufactured from foreign locations. Do i believe that my tax money is utilized well for my country’s own welfare? I did not get Adhaar.
  • I purchased Tamil books in shops. As online market place sells books at deep discount, I buy books in the online market place. Still I am resisting the urge to buy a paid book on kindle for myself to read. Should I pay more price and buy book in shop?

I wanted to buy new phone. Apple phones are too costly and do not fit with “Value for money” concept. Moto is China brand and unsure of reliability. The market flooded with Samsung and brands of Chinese phones. Brands like Nokia and Blackberry are dead. Microsoft is in ICU or brain dead.  Clearly indicates that India is consumer market for foreign smart phones and is not innovation center for smart phones.

While I was at school, my friend’s brother  worked for C- DOT. On his home visit, we hear his work place experiences of what they are creating for India. Their creation and transition to digital telecom switch technologies was fore-runner to enable Indians to leapfrog from analog phone era to digital phone era with STD booths.

Today, What to say my daughter about what is created in India?  My daughters do not get to experience STD booth in the current era of internet and smart phones.

When I look back to 90s era when I was at high school, I do not remember many reliable Indian brands of Television and VCR players. Then the market was flooded with foreign TV brands. We see a similar trend in refrigerators and washing machines. You see the same trend has come to smartphone industry.

Earlier mobile phones arrived with US brand or Europe brand (manufactured else where). Brands like Nokia, Blackberry and Samsung were more prevalent when the market was small.  As the demand for mobile devices increased, new  Indian brands like  Micromax and Spice introduced. These brands manufactured smart phones in China and distributed in India and did not have better relaibility or better service centers like NOKIA

Except Nokia, no mobile manufacturer hosted a manufacturing facility in India.With no expertise to manufacture smart phone, innovation benefit from mobile smart phone  hardware is lost for Indian economy.

Today Chinese companies have sold to more than 90% of their country people and find their market saturated. In their search for new markets, they look at India, which is new market for Chinese.  With advantage of manufacturing and innovation, Chinese companies are leveraging free Indian market places like flipkart.com and snapdeal.com to reach to Indian consumer and offer phones at low prices and large benefits . See article

Effectively Indian customers and e-market places are collaborating to enable Chinese manufacturers to dominate and take over smart phone market. Chinese companies have money to advertise phone features and sell at lower cost as they own the factories and creation.

While I understand that support for Indian entrepreneur to stand up Chinese dominance from India is less, working in IT industry in Bangalore gives me a feeling that I am part of creating problem ad Indian customer and Indian IT professional.   

  • Indian customer purchases mobile phones and devices from foreign brands. Indian customer purchases apps from foreign brands.
  • Indian professional work for foreign companies and earn huge salaries. Salaries paid in Indian Rupees are  smaller than profit earned in dollars. Indian professional fail to learn nuances to launch their own products and make it successful.
  • The impact of automation on jobs will have more impact in India than in USA. Indian service companies in BPO and IT sector will need less number of people for jobs.
  • The new behavior of buying new phones in every 2 years is helping established foreign companies to capture Indian market and get a strong foothold here.

Need to do something. Write to me your thoughts.

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