Can I Keep off FaceBook & LinkedIn?

My last  week experiences and yesterday acquisition news and article “The One Question That Matters in Microsoft’s Acquisition of LinkedIn”  got me in to mixed feelings and started look inward to find my one question.

I was shocked to see a message on last Thursday ” Dr. Ravindran expired” send by another college mate of mine. First  big shock was a person who studied with me for 2 years has expired. Then I could remind myself of visiting his house,talking to his wife and children. Then I was reminded of the discussion at their home about children. My mind started thinking what will children do? What his wife who has experience in nursing and hospital care do? Will she get a job after break? How will family survive without money?

The second big shock was that message was delivered via Facebook by another classmate of mine working with Dr.Ravindran at REC- Trichy. My buddy has send message earlier and I have seen message after 13 hours. I talked to my buddy and was not sure of going to Chennai to respect deceased soul.

First time,I felt pathetic of our dependency on FaceBook and distance we have created within us in disguise of social connections. Two questions raised.  the first was Why I did not see Facebook for 13 hours?. The second was Why did my friend not send me SMS?

The weekend was quite a very disturbed one. Spend time with children and my family. I saw the movie”iraivi” with my wife and read this review Iraivi: A film about women who bear everything and put up with anything . Started thinking how much time I spend with social networks, where I am just a consumer of content. How much time I am losing to social networks that I can sleep or  spend with family and friends? When I looked at my time of posts and tweets, they were all present in night time. 

I writ blogs. I do not publish my blogs to LinkedIn and publish them to Facebook and twitter. Some time I check how many people have visited the blog and it seems increasing. Do I need to check stats of my blog every day? Am I wasting time there?

Earlier Facebook lured me to connect connect with all my school and college friends. I developed a good profile. Facebook  went for IPO and made money in their IPO. I had one question “Did our friendship really improve?” The answer was NO.

Earlier LinkedIn lured me to connect with all my colleagues and thought it might help me in my career. My profile is 100% complete. When people connect on LinkedIn, I gave them an appropriate response and have rarely got a response back and people who connect with me rarely write back to me. I also find followup based on LinkedIn is tricky. When I searched for a job after my startup, I got little or no help.

On another note, I realized that I am spending more time on the articles posted on LinkedIn. I have already subscribed to the guys/authors who matter.Why do i still spend time reading articles at LinkedIn? I also realized that my time with books is coming down compared to digital media and see decrease in my log count per month.

While educating my children not to become consumers of internet and become creator,  I have fallen to be consumer of social networks. Without content consumers and publishers and people who have 100% profile, why will Microsoft pay and buy LinkedIn? Though I never paid for LinkedIn, I have been good content consumer of LinkedIn and helped them get better valuations. In process I have lost my personal time.

I have suspended my  Facebook account and I decided to log out of LinkedIn account and put myself under observation for one month. I am going to be on twitter. This means I cannot login to websites that  make use of FaceBook or LinkedIn. I will share my  experience in this blog.