Buy Cotton Cloth to Stitch,TailorKraft

If one wants to purchase cotton shirts, please visit TailorKraft and one can purchase your personalized dress. Wish TailorKraft provides cotton trousers and khadi shirts in stitch and buy approach.

From 2016, I decided to purchase khadi clothes and wear khadi clothes. I want to move away from brand clothing and fashion clothing.  When I visit my parents, I purchase khadi dresses and started to wear them to work also.

My inital feeling was  different and had question of how others would perceive me wearing this attire and how apt my dress would be in conference and busines meetings. I decided to ensure that I would wear them after getting them ironed.

Another challenge was fitment of khadi clothes for me. Shirts  purchased from khadi shops fitted me well and there was limited space for air circulation and made me sweat more.  My search for more airy loose shirt  had no luck in Khadi shops. I continue to wear them inspite of constraints.

During my search, I found this young startup TailorKraft. They allow people to select fabric and they take measurment and stitch and deliver shirt home. I shared to them that I would do this with only cotton shirt and they have cotton shirts.

The founder came hoem and took measurement. My kids chose the color of fabric for my shirt and we ended paying online to purchase 2 cotton shirts last week. They arrived through courier after a week to 10 days. Wearing them made me fee very comfortable. They were airy comfortable and also looked rich.

Wearing cotton and khadi shirts took  my mind to wander to my troursers and found all of them are branded jeans and branded trousers.  I have never seen any one wearing khadi trousers. Have you see khadi trousers?

My mind also wandered to Gandhi who in his later years decided to be without shirt. Can I atleast promise to myself to  wear cotton only? Trying to reach a self resolution that I would buy khadi or cotton shirts only and continue to wear branded shirts till  worn out.

Can  technology enabled e-commerce empower khadi shops and cotton mills to reach more people to puchase personalized things straight from manufacturer?