When did you visit tailor last time?

Till completion of school in 1993, I purchased cloth in shop for pant and shirt. We visited tailor shop . The tailor took measurments of you and stiched clothes. There were uncertain and  challenge times across Diwali to get dress stitched. Schools published school uniform color and parents purchased uniform cloth and got the same stitched at tailor shop.

Today, all dresses are mostly purchased as ready-made.  Schools provide already stitched uniforms for students to purchase. While there is no  wait in tailor shop, people have moved far from the entire process of making dress. We are  5 position of separation from basics of clothes

  1. Make process to make shirts and pants,
  2. Make process to stitch clothes in to dress,
  3. Make process to weave thread in to cloth,
  4. Make process to extract thread from cotton or poly products
  5. Farming process to grow cotton or jute.

While distance from basics of clothes increases, distance from design and brand of clothes decreases. Arrival of e-fashion sites increases distance from going to shop to purchase ready-made wear.

One can also observe that we have moved away from Khadi -handspun and handwoven cloth. While Mahatma Gandhi started his movement to elevate spinning and weaving as an ideology for self-reliance and self government. We have moved far away from Khadi.