Are social networks addictive?

Do I become more happy on seeing more readers read my blog or there are new comments on the blog. I have seen this practice in last few months, where I check whether more visitors are coming compared to previous month. This had made me question of my own priority “Do I blog to express my own idea and thoughts with indirectly influence on others?” or “Do I blog to influence others? Is expressing myself in all topics really important?”. The first thing I did was to stop sharing my new blog posts to LinkedIn.


Known to lot of you, I have kept myself away from WhatsApp. Answering to others on my absence in WhatsApp, I questions myself whether I need to join whatsApp to be in touch with my friends. I observe work related discussions happen on WhatsApp and there are no emails on the same topic. May be I am losing some work related interaction, being absent in WhatsApp. My mind asks me this question “Am I being missed out?” and answers “I have made choice and should learn to live with it.” Occassionaly I check WhatsApp for NGO in my wife’s phone and she is part of NGO group too.

With all social networks, I observe that “When one login to social networks and browse to a different page and return to social network page, you are already logged-in.”. Having seen this as benefit  earlier, now-a-days, I see this feature as disadvantage. Is there setting to expire session of social network login after a configured interval?

With LinkedIn, I observed more articles arriving directly on first position by email. The email has list of articles from friends to read. On click of article link, you are directed to login to LinkedIn. Is it not enough for LinkedIn that I receive emails from LinkedIn and read articles in LinkedIn? Why do they force me login to LinkedIn. Can LinkedIn notification emails not have access to public URLs to allow me view message without login? I do not like getting forced login to read article of a friend.

On analysis, I observe that I follow large number of public persons in LinkedIn Pulse and found option to unfollow public persons. Some of them I chose to explicitly follow and some had no clue why I am following. Pruned the same. Asked myself question “Should I leave leave LinkedIn?” and found answer “Reduce noise interactions on LinkedIn. Follow few people and maintain LinkedIn profile for professional purpose. Get glimpse in to other people’s backgrounds, prior to meeting and plan my conversation better”. I like when people with a past relationship respond to your private messages. I hate when experience people send invitation and when you respond sending message after accepting, they do not respond.

Earlier I used Facebook effectively for my charity campaigns. Realized spending more time on Facebook reading other updates, I started first to stop adding comments on others posts in Facebook. In last 60 days, I have disabled my Facebook account thrice, with a promise not to enable the same. Twice, I got pushed to login to Facebook and became aware of what I have done only after login. This awareness had helped me to be away from Facebook for last month and resist to log-in.

Once I disable Facebook, I am sure that my blog updates are not published as part of my Facebook feed and are not visible to my friends.

I continue to use twitter. Twitter also notifies to email address to pull you come online and login. Is there option, where i can stop twitter not to send messages? Why am I sharing updates on twitter of what I read? Is it not possible to leave all social network?

I find my book reading, listening to songs have come down and time spend on social networks has increased. I need to become more aware and make changes that are important to me.